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Emery Street Livability Improvement Pilot

Emery Street Livability Improvement Pilot

Project Update (November 2023): The temporary traffic calming “chicane” has been removed after studying traffic speeds and volumes on Emery Street. The traffic calming rings at the intersection of Emery Street and 700 South will remain through spring 2024. A speed cushion and raised crosswalk will be installed on Emery Street between 700 South and 800 South. Construction will begin as early as 12/11/2023. Continue to read below for more details. Click here to sign up for the newsletter for further project updates.

Project Background

In 2023, Salt Lake City studied the effects of temporary traffic calming devices on Emery Street between 700 South and Indiana Avenue. This street is adjacent Poplar Grove Park and designated as a Neighborhood Byway – a comfortable, low stress route for people walking and biking. A temporary chicane was placed on the street and our team collected traffic speed and volume data. A pair of traffic calming rings were placed at the intersection of 700 South and Emery Street. A crosswalk to Poplar Grove Park was also striped in at 800 South.

The goal for the project was to work with the community to better understand preferences, concerns, and effectiveness of traffic calming devices. Insights gained will help inform the Livable Streets Program and further permanent speed reduction installations. The use of temporary materials also provided an opportunity to quickly adjust the design.

Next Steps

The temporary chicane did not result in a significant reduction in vehicle travel speeds. Salt Lake City plans to install a speed cushion on Emery Street at roughly 730 South. A speed cushion is similar to a speed hump, but with cut-outs to allow emergency vehicles and people biking to pass through more easily. Additionally, the temporary crosswalk at 800 South will be improved with a raised crosswalk. This type of crosswalk is more visible and helps to slow speeding vehicles. These two permanent features are different from the type of speed bump that you might see in a business parking lot. They’re designed to be driven over with only a minor reduction in speed – if you’re going the speed limit!

The traffic calming rings at the intersection of 700 South and Emery street will remain through spring of 2024.

A map of Emery Street traffic calming. It shows traffic calming rings at the intersection of Emery Street and 700 South, a raised crosswalk at 800 South, and a speed cushion in between at roughly 730 South.


Community engagement for the Emery Street Livability Pilot was completed during the summer of 2022. A draft design concept was completed in Fall 2022 and temporary traffic calming features were installed starting May 2023. Some of the temporary features were removed in the fall of 2023 and permanent features will be installed starting winter 2023.

Community engagement and draft designSummer 2022
Final designFall 2022
Phase 1: Temporary chicane2023 – Spring 2024
Phase 2: Construct raised crosswalk and speed cushionWinter 2023 – Spring 2024

Emery Street Livability Improvement Pilot

700 South Traffic Calming Rings

Inspired by the quick-build treatments utilized in the Portland Bureau of Transportation’s Slow Streets program, we installed planters and striping at the intersection of 700 South and Emery Street in May 2023. Our goal was to reduce cut-through traffic on Emery Street and calm traffic on both Emery Street and 700 South. This implementation accomplishes this with visual cues to alert drivers to slow down, narrow vehicle travel lanes, and a tight turn radius.


In June of 2023, the SLC Livable Streets team installed two temporary chicanes and a crossing at the intersection of Emery Street and 800 South. The chicanes were installed to slow down traffic along Emery Street by diverting drivers slightly to the left and right. Each chicane included signage to inform the public about the purpose of the project. The crosswalk was striped in to provide a safe crossing of Emery Street to and from Poplar Grove Park.

View the Emery Street Livable Streets Pilot Draft Design

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