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Worksheets & Forms

When you do business with our department, you will need forms for the various permits that are required. Keep in mind, filling out these worksheets and forms is NOT equivalent to applying for a permit. Please apply for permits on our online portal, and use our self-help step by step instructions for guidance on your application if needed.

Pre-screening Login Submission Checklists

Once you apply for any of the below permit types on our online portal, you’ll need to fill out and upload the appropriate form/checklist to ProjectDox to begin review.

Commercial Login Checklist

Residential Login Checklist

Lista de verificación de inicio de sesión residencial

Residential Fire Login Checklist

Site Development Login Checklist

Residential/Private Pool/Spa Login Checklist

Commercial/Public Pool/Spa Login Checklist

Pre-Demolition Checklist

Permit Forms

Application for a Certificate of Address – A Certificate of Address is required for all new primary structure construction projects. For additional information, please contact Salt Lake City Engineering.

Billboard Construction – Complete and submit to ProjectDox along with required construction documents for construction of an exterior billboard.

Billboard Demolition – Complete and submit to ProjectDox for demolition of an exterior billboard

Building Permit Info WorksheetInformation only to prepare to submit for a building permit

Fireworks Stand Permit – Complete and submit to ProjectDox along with a site plan for an Outdoor Fireworks Stand

Relocatable Office Application & Relocatable Office Bond Agreement – Complete and submit to ProjectDox along with required construction documents for a temporary relocatable office trailer.

Residential Demolition Verification Worksheet – Required worksheet for a demolition permit with residential units.

Solar PV Form – Complete and submit to ProjectDox along with required construction documents for a Solar PV Permit.

Sign Permit Form – Complete and submit to ProjectDox along with required construction documents for a permit for exterior signage.

Temporary Use – Complete and submit to ProjectDox along with a site plan for a temporary use permit. Examples of temporary use permits include seasonal fruit stands, holiday tree stands, etc; on private property.

Typical Forms Needed for Plan Review

Address Certificate – Required for all new construction projects

Deferred Submittal Agreement – Needed for any project that is requesting to submit required plan review items at a later date. See form for items that can be deferred.

Expedited Permit Review Form – To request an expedited review process.

Fire Deferred Submittal Agreement – Required for any project that requires modifications or needs to add fire sprinklers, fire alarm, and/or a fire line to a construction project and will be submitted for review at a later date.

Impact Fee Assessment – Needed for most new primary structure construction, adding additional residential structures (including ADUs), commercial additions, and some remodels that include a change in use of space.

Construction & Demolition Waste Management Plan – In most commercial or demolition construction plan review processes require Waste Management Recycling approval through SLC Sanitation. See form for projects that require this process.

Owner Builder Certification – Required form for a homeowner to obtain a building permit for their primary residence.

Special Inspection & Testing Agreement – Required for any 3rd party special inspections occurring on a project.

Structural Observation Program – Required for projects that require a structural observation during construction. See form for additional information.

Window & Door Schedule – Required for window or door permits that do not include a schedule on construction plans.

Typical Forms for Certificate of Occupancy

Certificate of Occupancy – Instructions to obtain a permanent Certificate of Occupancy

Temporary Certificate of Occupancy – See Phasing/TCO Requirements and contact the Building Inspections Office for additional information.

Fee Worksheets

Electrical and Fire Alarm Fee Worksheet

Mechanical Fee Worksheet

Fire Sprinkler System Fee Worksheet

Plumbing Fee Worksheet

Other Building Services Forms

Alternate Means & Methods Form

Board of Appeals & Examiners

Building Occupancy Resumption Program (BORP)

Cash Bond Agreement

Contractor Transfer Request

Demolition Performance Bond Form

Letter of Intent to Demolish

Nonprofit Fee Waiver Request

Project Design Criteria

Refund Request

Renovation of Owner Occupied, Pre-1970 Homes

Re-Roofing Questionnaire

Surface Fault Rupture Study Waiver