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Building Services

(801) 535-6000

The Team

Building Permit Contacts

Building Services Inquiries

For general questions, call us at 801-535-7968 or email us at

Permit Processing Staff

Patricia Baker
Permit Processor II
desk: 801-535-6103
cell: 385-235-2912

Davina Navarro
Permit Processor I
desk: 801-535-7742
cell: 801-599-5784

Roxanne Robbin
Permit Processor II
desk: 801-535-7182
cell: 385-261-4010

Carol Vaea
Permit Processor II
desk: 801-535-7287
cell: 801-599-5741

Administrative Staff

Daniel Walker
Office Facilitator I
desk: 801-535-6629
cell: 385-261-3159

Heather Gilcrease
Business Systems Analyst II
desk: 801-535-7163
cell: 801-518-7595

Building Services & Economic Development Liaison

James McCormack
desk: 801-535-6605
cell: 385-707-3778

General Zoning Inquiries- 801-535-7700 or

General Building Code Inquiries- 801-535-7155 or

Building Code Plans Examiner Staff

Tim Burke
Plans Examiner I
desk: 801-535-7746
cell: 385-261-3957

Todd Christopher
Senior Plans Examiner
desk: 801-535-7918
cell: 385-261-4004

Steven Collett
Senior Plans Examiner
desk: 801-535-7289
cell: 385-261-3615

Muwa Zula
Plans Examiner I
desk: 801-535-7903
cell: 385-799-0315

Jason Rogers
Plans Examiner I
desk: 801-535-7642
cell: 385-261-8453

Bryan Romney
Plans Examiner III
desk: 801-535-7670
cell: 385-261-8179

William Warlick
Plans Examiner III
desk: 801-535-7292
cell: 385-261-4153

Jeff Cabibi
Plans Examiner I
desk: 801-535-7288
cell: 385-261-8893

Fire Protection Engineer Staff

Doug Bateman
Fire Protection Engineer
desk: 801-535-6619
cell: 385-261-8395

Seth Hutchinson
Fire Protection Engineer
desk: 801-535-7164
cell: 385-441-0042

Building Official and Management/Supervisory Staff-

Ken Anderson
Building Official
cell: 801-718-8522

Troy Anderson
Building Services Manager
cell: 801-718-4341

Stefani James
Permit Processing Supervisor
desk: 801-535-7738
cell: 385-261-3537

Civil Enforcement Contacts

Inspections Contacts