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Current Building Codes

Applicable Building and Fire Codes
Salt Lake City, Utah

Salt Lake City follows the building and fire codes adopted and amended by the State of Utah. To a limited extent, Salt Lake City building codes are also applicable and can be found in Title 18.

State of Utah Adopted Building and Fire Codes

See Utah Code Title 15A State Construction and Fire Codes Act (see links below).
For specific editions of the adopted codes (which must be listed on design documents), see:
Construction Codes link* (Chapter 2, Part 1, Section 103)
Fire Codes link* (Chapter 5, Part 1, Section 103)
*If these links are broken, use Utah Code link below.

Other Utah Code sections may also apply, including:

Title 10, Chapter 6, Section 160 Fees collected for construction approval — Approval of plans

Title 10, Chapter 9a, Section 511.5 Changes to dwellings — Egress windows

Title 10, Chapter 9a, Section 530 Internal accessory dwelling units

Utah Administrative Code Rule R392-302 Design, Construction and Operation of Public Pools

Building Code Review & Adoption Amendments, signed into law by Governor Spencer Cox; will go into effect July 1, 2023. Construction projects would follow the building and fire codes in effect on the date the plan submission is accepted for building permit review. Plans not previously accepted and fees paid for plan review to Salt Lake City Building Services, will be required to be designed & reviewed under the new codes. For example, if a plan submission is accepted for review on June 15th, and the permit is issued on July 15th, the project would follow the codes in effect on June 15th. This assumes the permit application does not exceed the time limitation on application per IBC/IRC Section 105.3.2.

Click here to review HB0532 

Salt Lake City Building Codes Title 18

Salt Lake City Code sections pertaining to construction also apply to an extent limited by Utah Code, including Section 15A-1-204(8).

See SLC Code Title 18 Buildings and Construction

Salt Lake City fire codes also apply:

Title 18, Chapter 44 Fire Prevention and International Fire Code

Design Criteria

For local design criteria see the Design Criteria Brochure 

Helpful Links

2021 International Swimming Pool and Spa Code

Residential Swimming Pools and Spas: As of July 1, 2020, the installation of residential swimming pools deeper than 24” and spas are now regulated by the 2021 International Code Council Swimming Pool and Spa Code (ISPSC) and will require permits from Salt Lake City. This code will apply to above ground (temporary) or inground (permanent) swimming pools and spas. A free copy of the 2021 ISPSC can be viewed via the following link:

Essential Facilities Policy

We will be designating a specific group of buildings and or structures in Salt Lake City as “Essential Facilities.” Included in this group are all future-built Group I-2 Occupancies with two or more operating rooms. Essential facilities are defined in the 2006 International Building Code (IBC), Section 1602 as:

Buildings and other structures that are intended to remain operational in the event of extreme environmental loading from flood, wind, snow or earthquakes.

This requirement is identified on the City’s website in various locations and included in all checklists for plan review and DRT. Any questions regarding this directive should be addressed to Ken Anderson, Salt Lake City Building Official.

Keep in mind, when designing a construction project Building Code is only one piece of the building permit puzzle.

Please also review regulations with Salt Lake City Planning & Zoning and Public Utilities.