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Building Services

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All rental properties in Salt Lake City require a business license. For more information on business licensing and the Salt Lake City Landlord/Tenant Program Click here.

Landlords are required to maintain minimum housing standards as per Salt Lake City’s Existing Residential Code Title 18.50.

The purpose of the Residential Housing Code is to provide for the health, safety, comfort, con­venience, and aesthetics of Salt Lake City and its inhabitants by:

1.    Establishing minimum housing standards for all buildings or portions thereof used for habitation;

2.    Establishing minimum standards for safety from fire and other hazards;

3.    Promoting maintenance and improvement of structures by applying standards for renovations; and

4.    Avoiding the closure or abandonment of hous­ing and the displacement of occupants where possible without sacrificing public health, safety, and welfare.

Common Housing Violations include: missing or defective smoke detectors, loose or missing handrails and/or guardrails, cracked or missing electrical cover plates, clear access for escape in case of fire, dripping or leaking faucets, loose or missing floor coverings, and inade­quate cooking and/or bathroom facilities.

For a self inspection list click here.