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Common Zoning Violations

Outside storage

Yards are not to be used as storage areas for unlicensed vehicles, building materials, tires, indoor furniture, appliances, or other items commonly known as junk. Excessive storage is unsightly, attracts mice, rats and other vermin, and may become a health problem.


It is unlawful to occupy a single family home or individual dwelling unit, by more than one family; a single family means:

  1. One or more persons related by blood, mar­riage, adoption, or legal guardianship, includ­ing foster children
  2. A group of not more than three persons not related by blood, marriage, adoption or legal
  3. Two unrelated persons and their children living together as a single housekeeping unit


Must be kept upright and in good condition. The maximum height of a fence in a front yard is 4 feet. The maximum height for a fence in a rear yard is 6 feet. For driver visibility purposes, fences, shrubs, or other obstructions shall not be taller than 30 inches within 10 feet of a driveway or 30 feet of an intersection. Barbed or razor wire is not allowed in residential districts.


Parking is not permitted on the front yard or corner-side yard. Parking spaces for automobiles may not be used for Recreational Vehicle (RV) parking. It is unlawful to have any portion of the front, side, or corner yard graveled or paved to accommodate parking vehicles. Parking is not allowed on the strip between the sidewalk and street, on the sidewalk, or over hanging the sidewalk. Parking must be on a hard surface.

Short Term Rentals 

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