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Permitting Process

All permit applications submitted to Salt Lake City must be submitted through the Citizen Access Portal

Instructions to apply for a permit can be found here.

After the application has been submitted, if a plan review is required or if the ProjectDox button was selected by the applicant during the application process, an invitation to upload construction documents will be will be generated from to the project contact email on the permit application.

Before completing the upload, please review all instructions available on the invitation and through our Self Help Guides.  Once the project is ready for pre-screening and submission, please be sure to complete the Applicant Upload Task to route the project for plan review.

Plan reviews are not accepted into the review queue until the project has been accepted by pre-screening staff and the appropriate plan review fee has been paid through the Citizen Access Portal.

The Salt Lake City Building Permits office offers a concurrent electronic plan review process which invites all approving city agencies needed for Building Permit approval to the plan review for review at the same time.  Approving agencies can include Building Code, Structural Code, Fire Code, Zoning, Planning, Public Utilities, Engineering, Transportation, and Urban Forestry. 

Please see our Forms and Worksheets page for submission checklists.

Projects are reviewed in the order they are accepted into the plan review queue. Salt Lake City Building Services offers multiple review queues with determining factors such as residential or commercial and project size.  Our office strives to turn around 1st review comments for commercial plan review projects within 21 business days and residential plan review projects within 14 business days from the date the submission has been accepted into the appropriate review queue. 

Once the 1st review is completed an email will be sent to the applicant from stating that the either the project has been approved to proceed with issuance or that corrections are required prior to building permit approval.  An applicant has 180 days from the date of the email to properly respond to comments or to obtain the building permit.  For additional instructions see our Self Help Guides.  The applicant must respond to all comments provided by all plan review groups in order expedite the re-review process.

Once the project has been approved, instructions are routed to the applicant to finalize permit issuance and to add a contractor to the project.  In most cases building permit and applicable impact fees are due. Additional permits may need to be obtained for Electrical, Plumbing, Mechanical, Fire Alarms, and Fire Suppression.  Information about fee structures can be found under Salt Lake City Ordinance 18.20.050.

After the building permit has been approved for construction, inspections should be requested prior to covering any work.  Inspections can be requested  before 3 pm for the next business day online through the Citizen Access Portal or by calling 801-535-6000, option 2.  Click here for additional information about inspections.

Once the permit has been approved by the inspections office, a Certificate of Occupancy will be posted on Citizen Access Portal under documents.  Additional information is available on our Certificate of Occupancy Page.

Please direct any comments or concerns to