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Homeless Resource Center Text Amendment

The Council is reviewing a proposed new process for placing Homeless Resource Centers (HRCs) and homeless shelters within the City.  

The proposal comes after the Council approved a temporary hold on allowing new homeless shelters in the City in 2022. At that time, the Council asked the City’s Planning Division to create a guiding process to approve future HRCs with the following goals in mind:  

  • Safety and welfare of those experiencing homelessness in the City.   
  • Community impact when locating HRCs and related services in the same area. 
  • Avoiding inequities in the locations of HRCs and homeless shelters. 
  • Impact future HRCs have on City services.   
  • Service provider’s financial ability to follow regulations and provide necessary shelter and assistance.  
  • Identifying impacts that are the HRC operator’s responsibility and those that should be the responsibility of others. 

The Planning Division developed the Homeless Resource Center Overlay Zoning District proposal in response to these goals.  

The Council will discuss the proposal and hold a public hearing before voting. 

How would this process be different?  

Any future HRC construction would require a zoning map amendment. This means anyone who wants to create an HRC or shelter would need to apply for a zoning map amendment and get approval from the Council. Currently, the Planning Commission reviews HRCs and shelters through the conditional use process.  

Read more about the Zoning Amendment Process 

Learn more about the proposed Homeless Resource Amendments

What else should I know?  

If the City Council does not adopt the new regulations by May 3, 2023, the former HRC regulations will automatically be reinstated. Learn more about the former regulations.

What happens to existing HRCs or shelters in Salt Lake City?  

This proposal will not alter the existing locations or how they currently operate. Existing HRCs and shelters could have the proposed overlay applied to each property.  

How can I provide my input?  

The City Council will hold a public hearing at its Tuesday, April 4 formal meeting (beginning at 7 p.m.). This is your chance to provide feedback directly to Council Members during a public meeting. 

You may also provide your input anytime online, by emailing or calling our 24/hr comment line 801-535-7654.   

What are the next steps?  

A public hearing will be held at the Council’s April 4 meeting beginning at 7 p.m. Learn how to watch, listen, and participate in Council meetings. 

Council meeting recaps

March 21 Council Briefing
The Council received a briefing about the proposal to establish a new process for locating Homeless Resource Centers (HRCs) and shelters within the city.  During the briefing, Council Members raised questions about state law, clarified requirements and standards for temporary versus permanent homeless resource centers, design standards, and potential timeline requirements for Council action. Planning staff also clarified recommendations from the Planning Commission that were added to the proposal that the Council may or may not choose to proceed with.

A public hearing will be held for this item at the Council’s Tuesday, April 4, 7 p.m. formal meeting. 


March 7 Formal Meeting
The Council scheduled a public hearing for this proposal to take place on Tuesday, April 4, 2023.  

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