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Recently Completed Projects

Homeless Resource Center Text Amendment

Posted on:March 15th, 2023
The Council approved a new process for placing Homeless Resource Centers (HRCs) and homeless shelters within the City.

Urban Forest Action Plan

Posted on:January 31st, 2023
The Council recently approved an Urban Forest Action Plan. The plan will provide Salt Lake City with a long-term strategy to expand and preserve trees in SLC, on both public and private property.

ADU Text Amendment

Posted on:January 20th, 2023
At their April 4, 2023 Formal Meeting, the Council approved the Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) proposal with conditions, keeping the owner-occupancy requirement citywide and with an intent to fund an incentive program for ADU construction and revisit data after 3 years to determine if other changes are needed.

Ranked Choice Voting

Posted on:January 9th, 2023
On March 7, 2023, the Council voted to use RCV without a primary for the 2023 Municipal Elections, which includes council members for even-numbered districts and the mayoral race. [...]

Glendale Regional Park Plan

Posted on:January 8th, 2023
In March, the Council approved the Glendale Regional Park Plan. This plan would provide the guiding vision and design for the future park at the site of the former Raging Waters/Twin Peaks water park.[...]

130 North 2100 West Rezone

Posted on:December 2nd, 2022
The Council approved a request to remove property at 130 North 2100 West from the Airport Flight Path Protection Overlay District. Removing the property from the overlay district allows the property owner, Friends of Switchpoint, to remodel a hotel into a 94-unit apartment building.   Friends of Switchpoint intends to rent the 94 units to older […]

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