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Recently Completed Projects

Ballpark Station Area Plan

Posted on:October 3rd, 2022
The Council adopted the Ballpark Station Area Plan during their Formal Meeting on October 18, 2022. The Plan will support livability and guide future growth in the Ballpark neighborhood, which includes Smith’s Ballpark and the Ballpark TRAX Station [...]

The Other Side Village

Posted on:September 7th, 2022
The City Council adopted a resolution to authorize the lease of a City-owned parcel to The Other Side Academy for a 40-year term at a rate of $1 per year during their Formal Meeting on October 18, 2022 [...]

Council Approves Community Projects

Posted on:August 16th, 2022
The Council approved the final list of Capital Improvement Program Projects (CIP) totaling almost $46 million. CIP projects are citywide community projects that improve public property such as streets, sidewalks, and parks. [...]

Proposed Changes to RMF-30 Zoning District

Posted on:August 6th, 2022
The Council is reviewing a proposal to amend the City’s zoning regarding the RMF-30 Low Density Multi-Family Residential District to remove barriers to housing development. At the conclusion of the March 16 public hearing, the Council closed the hearing and deferred action until related proposals such as the affordable housing zoning overlay or residential housing loss mitigation plan are brought to the Council for consideration and potential adoption. [...]

Shared Housing Proposal

Posted on:August 5th, 2022
The Council is reviewing a proposal from the Mayor's Administration to amend sections of the City's zoning ordinance to better define Shared Housing (formerly known as Single Room Occupancy Housing or SROs) and determine appropriate locations within the City for the use. [...]

Off-street Parking Regulations

Posted on:August 5th, 2022
The Council is reviewing a proposal to update current regulations for off-street parking within Salt Lake City. The Mayor's Administration says it is proposing the updates to align with the goals of Plan Salt Lake and the various neighborhood master plans, reflect best practices and current market trends for parking, and simplify rules to be more user-friendly and easier to implement. [...]

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