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Ranked Choice Voting

Posted on:October 16th, 2021
The Council voted to change this year's City elections to ranked-choice voting without a primary. Ranked Choice Voting is a system where voters can use their ballot to not only vote for their preferred candidate but also indicate their backup choices. [...]

Council Approves FY21-22 Community Projects

Posted on:August 30th, 2021
The Council recently approved the City's annual Capital Improvement Program (CIP) projects. 47 projects were funded ranging from targeted traffic-calming efforts to a community garden, and many more. [...]

FY2020-21 City Budget

Posted on:June 4th, 2021
The Council-approved City Budget starts July 1 and ends June 30 the following year. Budget amendments happen several times a year to reflect adjustments to the adopted fiscal year budget. Amendments may include proposed project additions and modifications. Continue reading for details on the FY 2020-21 budget and budget amendments to date. [...]

1301 & 1321 South State Street Rezone

Posted on:March 17th, 2021
The Council adopted changes to the zoning map for properties at 1301 and 1321 South State Street. Currently, Coachman’s Restaurant and a two-story office building are on the properties. Though no development plans have been submitted, the property owner has expressed interest in replacing the existing buildings with a new, mixed-use building including ground floor commercial space and owner-occupied condominiums. [...]

Lincoln Street Rezone

Posted on:March 17th, 2021
The City Council rejected a property owner's petition to change the zoning of five parcels along Lincoln Street near 1000 East. [...]

Shared Mobility Devices

Posted on:December 9th, 2020
The Council recently approved an ordinance that establishes regulations on shared mobility devices. Shared mobility is the official term for bike shares and dockless scooter/bicycle systems. [...]

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