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2000 East: Parley’s Canyon Boulevard to City Limits

PROJECT UPDATE (updated 7/12/2019) — Salt Lake City will be at the Sugar House Community Council meeting on Wednesday, August 7, 2019 to present the options for the 2000 East Reconstruction Project. Please plan to attend the public meeting to learn more about this project. Additional information will be posted to this website prior to the meeting and sent to properties along the corridor.

2000 East from the Parley’s Canyon Blvd/Parkway Ave intersection to the southern City Limit will be reconstructed in 2020 (see project area map below). The reconstruction includes the gully area through the golf course. The pavement, sidewalks, and gutters will be fixed. As part of the reconstruction there will be changes to the street design to meet the City’s Complete Streets Ordinance and master plans.

Project Area (shown in blue)

Tell us about this street!

In 2019, Salt Lake City is seeking community input and completing the design for the rebuild of this street.  Proposed changes are to be determined, and may include some changes to intersections, sidewalks, curbs, pedestrian crossings, bikeways, bus stops, road striping, driveways ramps, and/or parking.

This community input will be shared with the design team as we develop the draft concept in the next few months. To be added to the project email list for design and construction updates, please email “updates” to

Conceptual Design Options

Northern Segment: Parley’s Canyon Blvd to Stratford Ave

Option A – Parley’s Connector Trail

A shared-use path (“trail”) along the west side of the road, where the sidewalk is located, would be built. The trail will be wide enough for people to comfortably walk, run, and bike through the gully area to connect to the Parley’s Trail. The “Parley’s Connector Trail” would be One vehicle travel lane in each direction would remain (as currently exists) and buffered bike lanes would be included.

[cross-section image coming soon]

Option B – Sidewalk Improvements

The existing sidewalk on the west side of the road would remain and a new sidewalk would be added to the east side of the road. One vehicle travel lane in each direction would remain (as currently exists) and buffered bike lanes would be included.

[cross-section image coming soon]

Central Segment: Stratford Ave to 2700 South

Option A – Continuous Buffered Bike Lanes

[cross-section image coming soon]

Southern Segment: 2700 South to Mary Dott Way

Option A – On-Street Parking

[cross-section image coming soon]

Option B – Center Turn Lane

[cross-section image coming soon]

Project Timeline:

Summer 2019Draft conceptual design available
for community input.
Fall 2019City design team develops engineering
drawings based on the conceptual design.
Fall 2019/Winter 2020Final design. See what the street will look like.
Spring to Fall 2020Construction.

Further information on construction timeline and impacts will be available on this webpage and through the project email list as we get closer to construction.

Funding Our Future

The reconstruction of 2000 East is one of the projects funded through a new Salt Lake City bond, which is part of the Funding Our Future initiative.  

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