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2000 East: Parley’s Canyon Boulevard to City Limits (2930 South)

PROJECT UPDATE (updated 08/08/2019) – On August 7, 20019, Salt Lake City staff members shared information about this reconstruction project with the Sugar House Community Council and asked attendees to provide feeback via an online survey (the survey has since been closed). The information shared at the meeting included this presentation posted below.


In 2020, we’ll reconstruct 2000 East from the intersection at Parley’s Canyon Boulevard to the city limit with Millcreek. The pavement surface, sidewalks, curb, and gutter will be upgraded, and a new street design will help us meet the Salt Lake City’s complete streets ordinance and long-range master plans.

Project Map

The project area is shown in blue; north is to the left (intersection at Parley’s Canyon Boulevard) and south is to the right (boundary with Millcreek City).

Stay Informed

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Conceptual Design Options

2000 East & Parley’s Canyon Blvd Intersection

Option A – Roundabout

A roundabout would reduce wait times for drivers at the intersection when compared to current travel conditions. With this option, drivers on 2000 East traveling northbound to turn left and continuing to travel westbound along Parley’s Canyon Blvd would experience shorter wait times, particularly during peak times of 7 – 9 a.m. and 4 – 6 p.m.

Option B – Realigned ‘T’ Intersection

A realigned ‘T’ intersection would make the Parkway Ave-to-2000 East movement the “through movement” and Parley’s Canyon Blvd would be the stop-controlled movement. This configuration favors more travelers, who are mostly driving eastbound along Parkway Avenue and turning left onto southbound 2000 East.

Option C – No Change

The intersection would remain as-is with minimal-to-no changes.

2000 East Northern Segment: Parley’s Canyon Blvd. to Stratford Ave.

Option A – Sidewalk Improvements

The existing sidewalk on the west side of the street would remain, and a new sidewalk would be added to the east side. One vehicle travel lane in each direction would remain as they exist currently, and buffered bike lanes would be added.

Option B – Parley’s Connector Trail

A shared-use path or trail along the west side of the street, where the sidewalk is currently located, would be built, and such trail would be wide enough for people to walk, run, or bike comfortably through the gully area connecting it to the Parley’s Trail. This option would include a vehicle travel lane in each direction, as they currently exist, and buffered bike lanes would be added.

Central Segment: Stratford Ave. to 2700 South

Option A – Continuous Buffered Bike Lanes

Southern Segment: 2700 South to Mary Dott Way

Option A – Center Turn Lane and No On-Street Parking

Option B – Parking on One Side of the Street with Buffered Bike Lanes

Option C – Narrow Parking on Both Sides of the Street with Narrower Bike Lanes

Project Timeline:

Summer 2019Draft conceptual designs are made available
for public input.
Fall 2019The project team develops final engineering
drawings based on input, safety data, technical analysis.
Winter 2019Final design. See what the street will look like.
Spring – Fall

Further information about the construction schedule will be shared on this webpage and via the project email list once a contractor is selected in 2020.

Project Value

This investment is valued at $3 million and is funded via impact fees and the streets reconstruction bond, which is part of the Funding Our Future initiative, approved by voters in 2018.

Contact Information

  • Email:
  • Jena Carver, P.E., Transporation Engineer: 801-535-6694
  • Adan Carrillo. MBA, MST, Public Involvement Manager: 801-535-6251
  • Josh Thompson P.E., Construction Project Engineer: 801-535-6177
  • Social Media: @SLCmoves | #2000EastSLC

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