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500 East Reconstruction: 1700 South to 2100 South

500 East from 1700 South – 2100 South will be reconstructed in 2020. The pavement, sidewalks, and gutters will be fixed. There will be some changes to the street design to meet SLC’s Complete Streets Ordinance and master plans.

In 2019, Salt Lake City is seeking community input and completing the design for the rebuild of this street.  

To be added to the project email list for design and construction updates, please email “updates” to]

Project Timeline:

April – May
Community input on current street design:  likes / dislikes and safety suggestions. Learn more about what we heard. 
Spring 2019

Initial data collection and Complete Streets assessment. Crash reports, parking use, traffic volumes, master plan recommendations.
May – June 2019
Draft conceptual design available 
for community input. 
July – October 2019 City design team to develop engineering 
drawings based on the conceptual design.

Fall 2019Final design. See what the street will look like.
Spring – Fall 2020Construction.

Draft Conceptual Design

Existing Corridor:  

500 East is currently 2 lanes, one in each direction. 

Parking is permitted on both sides, but is restricted northbound (inbound toward downtown) in the mornings 7:30-9:30 am and restricted southbound (outbound away from downtown) in the evenings 4-6 pm.  

Parking is very lightly used with typically 4-7% of available spaces filled, including nights and weekends.  Very rough, frequently-flooded, gutters make on-street parking quite tight.

Proposed Corridor: 

Bikeways are required by SLC’s Complete Streets Ordinance for reconstruction projects. Here are two options:

Bus Stops

Bus stops are proposed to be consolidated or relocated to 

  • 1700 South
  • Downington
  • Ramona
  • 2100 South

Why consolidate stops? Fewer stops make for faster and more efficient bus service, and enable better facilities, such as bus shelters, at bus stops with higher use. 

 Fewer stops also improve traffic flow and predictability for motorists. This bus stop spacing means that almost everyone living or working between 300 East and 700 East will have a typical 10-minute, or less, walk to a bus stop. 

How long would your walk to a bus stop be?  (try using Google walking directions if you’re not sure!)   


New crosswalks are proposed for two locations between 1700 South and 2100 South. Two of these would link the proposed bus stop pairs, at Downington and Ramona.

The existing crosswalk at Hollywood will remain. The crosswalks are proposed to be gradual, raised crosswalks with brick-look concrete, designed for travel at the 30 mph speed limit as well as for fire equipment, & snow plow access.  Unlike speed bumps, raised crosswalks are designed to be driven over without slowing.

Raised crosswalks are a similar design to what is currently on 300 East between 400 South and 500 South, near the Public Safety Building. Raised crosswalks would be more gentle to drive over than some of the potholes and pavement patches currently on 500 East!  

Take our online survey through Sunday, June 23 and tell us what you think of these concepts!

Further information on construction timeline and impacts will be available on this webpage and through the project email list as we get closer to construction.

Funding Our Future

The reconstruction of 500 East is one of the projects funded through a new Salt Lake City bond, which is part of the Funding Our Future initiative.  

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