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Connect SLC – City-wide Transportation Plan

PROJECT UPDATE (updated 09/07/2023) – The draft Citywide Transportation Plan is now available to view! The plan is up for public review. Once the review period is over, the plan will be taken in front of the City Planning Commission and City Council for approval!

What is Connect SLC?

In 2021, the Salt Lake City Transportation Division launched Connect SLC, an extensive process to update our last Transportation Master Plan from 1996. Like other Salt Lake City Transportation Plans, Connect SLC will result in a City-wide Transportation Plan (CTP) that outlines high-level transportation policy to be applied across the city. We recognize that transportation has a direct impact on equity and quality of life, ranging from housing, to economic development, to air quality, and more.

Connect SLC will consider our sidewalks and streets holistically. We seek to use our streets not just as a means for person and vehicle mobility, but also as our shared living space. To accomplish this, we want to work with the community to learn about past and current transportation barriers and opportunities to improve connections and the streetscape in the City. We seek to understand how our diverse residents travel to places like work and the grocery store, what they like and don’t like about the streets they use, and what our system of streets and roadways could and should be.

We selected members for a Community Advisory Committee (CAC) in summer of 2021. The feedback of CAC members is helping shape Connect SLC.

What is the purpose of a City-wide Transportation Plan and why is it important?

City-wide Transportation Plans are long-term policy documents that define big goals and needs as well as ways to achieve them. They also guide City staff on how to implement smaller-scale projects and programs. Salt Lake City has adopted many city-wide transportation-focused Plans in recent years, including the 2017 Transit Master Plan and the 2015 Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan.

View the draft City-wide Transportation Plan below!

Draft CTP document

Thanks to everyone that has engaged with us about transportation values in SLC!

We have been working with our CAC members to analyze the survey results and figure out next steps for public engagement.

What We Heard

On the Transportation Values survey, we received 879 total responses (864 in English and 15 in Spanish). The top 5 values from this survey were:

• Air Quality and the Environment
• Reliability
• Safety from Harm
• Affordability
• Equitable Access to Opportunities

The full Survey Report can be found here.

Next Steps

The draft CTP is out for public comment. Once the comment period is finished, the draft plan will be put in front of the City Planning Commission and City Council for approval.

Project Videos

Watch Joe Taylor, the Project Manager, give an overview of the City-wide Transportation Plan (former Transportation Master Plan) update process
Watch the online Town Hall about the City-wide Transportation Plan (former Transportation Master Plan) from March 2022

Project Timeline

Project Timeline

Summer 2021Select Community Advisory Committee Members
Fall 2021Set Community Values, Vision, and Framework
Winter 2021Develop Mobility and Land Use Policies
Fall-Winter 2022Compile the Plan
Winter-Spring 2022-2023Review the Plan
Spring 2023Adopt the Plan
Graphic for Transportation Master Plan Timeline
Connect SLC Timeline Graphic

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