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Sidewalk Snow Removal

Salt Lake City requires property owners to remove snow and ice from their whole sidewalk adjacent to their property within 24 hours after a storm. Please refer to the ordinance for full legal information. (Salt Lake City Code 14.20.070)

This ordinance applies to all businesses and residents.

The ordinance requires snow to be removed from the whole width of your sidewalk and includes ADA ramps which go out to the street.

Why the Ordinance Exists

The ordinance protects the safety of every individual in Salt Lake City. It is important that the snow be removed from your sidewalk so people are able to walk and ride safely out of vehicular traffic. Under ADA regulations accessibility to sidewalks for disabled individuals is required.

Precipitation Standard

Salt Lake City uses the National Weather Service as a standard to measure when precipitation has ended.

Fines Information

When it snows, Salt Lake City Code 14.20.070 requires that you:

  • Clear snow and ice from City sidewalks adjacent to your property within 24 hours after the end of the storm.
  • Make a minimum 42-inch wide path, or if the sidewalk is less than 42 inches wide, clear the full width.
  • Clear the full length of the sidewalk, including from corners and curb ramps.
  • Ice must be removed to bare pavement, or made as level as possible and treated with ice melt, sand or similar material.
  • Do not move snow into the street or onto other sidewalks.
  • You may receive daily fines for a civil violation for failure to comply with these ordinances. (City Code 14.20.110)
Length of Property
Along the Street
Hours After Snow Storm Stops
24 Hours 48 Hours 72 Hours
200 feet or less $50 $75 $100
More than 200 feet $100 $150 $200


 Salt Lake City Civil Enforcement enforces the ordinance. Employees from Civil Enforcement are ticketing for violations. Call 801-535-7225 to report a violation.

Understanding When a Ticket will Be Issued

We rely on complaints from concerned citizens to enforce the ordinance. Please call Civil Enforcement at 801-535-7225 to report a violation.

You have 24 hours from the end of precipitation to clear your entire sidewalk. You are in violation if you only make one path the size of your snow blower down the sidewalk.

If a violator has not cleared the sidewalk from a storm which occurred over 24 hours ago, the city can issue a ticket to the owner, lessor, or occupant of the property. Pictures are taken for proof of violation.

Remember to remove snow from your sidewalks for every storm. We will ticket for compacted, iced snow from previous storms even when there is a slight flurry occurring the same day of violation.

Violators may be given a ticket for each day they are not in compliance.

Report a Violations

Call 801-535-7225 to report a sidewalk snow removal violation. Please be prepared with the exact address. If it is a business, provide the name of the business the property is adjacent to.

You can report violations online here.

Pay a Violation

Online payments

Payments can be mailed or paid in person to:

Salt Lake City Corporation
451 South State Street, Room 145
PO Box 145580
Salt Lake City, Utah 84111

To dispute a citation, click here.