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Slow Down West Sugar House

Project update (2/8/2022): Learn more about the Slow Down West Sugar House project below.

Slow Down West Sugar House


The Transportation Division is developing a traffic calming plan, or a way to slow automobile traffic, for the west Sugar House neighborhood from 2100 South to 2700 South and from 500 East to 700 East. This constituent-requested CIP project for traffic calming in this neighborhood was submitted by residents and approved for funding by the Salt Lake City Council. The project has two components:

1) A neighborhood-wide traffic calming plan to address vehicle speeding and excessive cut-through issues in the West Sugar House neighborhood

2) Improvements to the successful 600 East Neighborhood Byway

Public input has been used to guide staff in developing the final design. Staff asked for feedback on 3 different types of traffic calming treatments that can be used to slow vehicles: speed humps, bulbouts, and permanent radar speed signs. Review the following information on these proposed traffic calming treatments below.

Permanent Radar Speed Signs

Community Input

**SURVEY CLOSED** Thanks to everyone that took the survey. Find the raw survey results below.

Project Documents


Fall 2018CIP application submitted requesting traffic calming.
Spring/Early Summer 2021Community input/survey about traffic calming treatments.
Late 2021Public feedback and analysis incorporated into final design.
Early 2022Final Design.
Summer/Fall 2022Construction.


Please contact the project manager for questions or more information on this project:

Jena Carver

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