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600/700 North Mobility, Safety, and Transit Improvements Program

600/700 North Mobility, Safety, and Transit Improvements Program

Project Update (June 2022): This page is archived for reference. For current project information, visit the 600/700 North Concept Study page.

Project Overview

The 600/700 North Mobility, Safety, and Transit Improvements Study will create a plan to transform this critical Westside Salt Lake City corridor in ways that promote safety, enable mobility for active modes and transit, and better serve the surrounding neighborhoods. With input from local stakeholders and community leaders, the Study will identify specific projects to be phased in during the next few years. In anticipation of future planned frequent transit service on the corridor, the project will determine how transit stops are oriented on the corridor.

We Hear Your Need for Investment

From the outset of the corridor study, the Project Team and Stakeholder Committee have recognized the community’s desire for investment in the Westside neighborhoods that 600/700 North serves and connects, and the need to invest in a historically underserved area. This need for investment in multi-modal infrastructure, green space, and a sense of place is a central part of the 600/700 North Vision concept.

A Visionary & Transformative Concept

After conducting the study, we believe this investment is best made in a visionary and transformative way. The 600/700 North Corridor Goals seek a range of outcomes – including reflecting neighborhood pride, maintaining the corridor’s transportation function, improving bicycling, more green space, and calming traffic – and the Stakeholder Committee felt that a bold transformation will best achieve and balance these goals and capitalize on the corridor’s best opportunities.

We Recognize Your Concerns

Throughout the process, we have heard concerns, including maintenance of new green spaces and attracting unhoused populations. The feedback we received on the Vision also showed continued concern about maintaining the corridor’s vehicle capacity, especially with regard to the proposed lane reconfiguration (from 5 to 3) between 900 West and Redwood Road. The Corridor Goals recognize the importance of 600/700 North for moving people, including in vehicles. It is understood that reduction to vehicle lanes in this area needs to be carefully considered and communicated, both in terms of impact of vehicle traffic and the benefits that can be achieved. This is a central task in the Feasibility Phase.

Delivering What We Promise

We want to be able to deliver the investment that we promise. This is especially important in a community where there is a history of frustration about being underserved and projects have at times over-promised and under-delivered. Before going further with the project we want to conduct the proper due diligence. We will be spending the next several months assessing the feasibility of the Vision, looking for ways to address concerns, and making refinements where warranted.

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Learn about the Vision for 600/700 North!

Based on technical analysis, community feedback, and Stakeholder collaboration, the project team developed a new Vision for the 600/700 North Corridor. The ideas in this Vision are a combination of the 3 Alternative Concepts presented in spring 2021, adapting key features of each Alternative. This Vision applies design ideas in ways that work for the context of different segments of the corridor. Some of the highlights include protected bike lanes, crossing improvements, landscaping and median improvements, and new bus stops and service.

You can think of the overall shape of the Vision as an “hourglass,” with higher priority for vehicles at the east and west ends of the corridor, serving the two freeway interchanges. In the central part of the corridor, between Redwood Road and 900 West, there is an opportunity to change priorities by reallocating street space to provide a streetscape that is much more compatible with residential character, Backman Elementary, Riverside Park and Jordan River Parkway, and neighborhood commercial uses.

The project team thinks this Vision will result in more moderate vehicle speeds, more transportation choices (especially for those who walk, bike and take the bus), better community space, and better beautification. Over the next year, the Vision will be shared and discussed with the community and proceed to the next state of engineering and design.  It is expected that the first phase of construction, between 800 West to Redwood Road, will begin in 2025. The second phase of construction, from Redwood Road to 2200 West would likely follow as early as 2026.

There are still a lot of details to work out, and we want to hear from you about concerns, support, or ideas you have.

Read the full 600/700 North Vision summary below:

Check out these 3D “Fly-Through” videos to see what the corridor could look like!

Good things happening on the Westside!

Right now, 600/700 North is one of the biggest corridor projects planned for the area. But we want to emphasize that there are many other current and upcoming transportation improvements happening in Westside neighborhoods, like new regional bus service, traffic calming, neighborhood byways, and more. While all of these projects are unique in terms of their scale and area, Salt Lake City and our community partners are collaborating to ensure that they are approached holistically and connect/build off of each other to make streets and traveling better for everyone.

Learn about all of SLC’s Westside transportation projects here.

New to the project? We’ve archived lots of useful information here:

Click on the accordions below to read through the past public engagement (events, survey results, and other feedback) about the corridor.

2021 Public Engagement

In spring of 2021, we developed 3 concepts for the 600/700 North corridor and asked people for feedback through a survey. Learn more in the Story Map below.

600/700 North Stakeholder Meeting Video – April 2021

Learn more about the 2021 survey results below.

Project Timeline

Early 2023Consultant Selection
Winter 2023Concept Design Complete
Winter 2024Final Design Complete
Spring 2025Construction Begins (800 West to Redwood Road)


This project is funded through the City’s Capital Improvement Program. Visit the CIP page for more information

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