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Thank you for reaching out to the Salt Lake City Transportation Division. We value your feedback, inquiries, and concerns. Use the contact information below to get in touch with us. Click the Request or Report button to notify us of a non-emergency issue or to submit a request.


Monday to Friday 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. (closed major holidays)

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get Parking Enforcement to enforce parking?

If you have any questions or need to request enforcement services, please contact the Parking Enforcement Office at 801-535-6628 or email us at Visit our parking webpage for more information on parking.

How do I pay for a parking ticket?

Pay parking tickets online in the Civil Citation Portal. Contact the Compliance Division at or 801-535-6628 with any questions about parking tickets. Visit our parking webpage for more information on parking.

How do I report an issue in the Public Right of Way?

Report issues with MySLC.

Download the SLC Mobile app: iPhone | Android

How do I get a residential parking permit?

Visit our residential parking permits webpage for more information.

How do I get a Green Vehicle sticker for my car?

Visit our Green Vehicle page for more details.

How does the City prioritize plowing streets?

Visit our snow removal page for more details.

Where can I receive real-time traffic updates for my commute?

Visit UDOT’s CommuterLink page for live updates of traffic conditions across the city.

What permits do I need for a dumpster or moving container?

Visit our Transportation Permits page for more details.

Where can I find information on bike routes and trails?

Visit our Where to Ride page for more details.

Where can I get a hard copy of the bike map?

Most bike shops, libraries, and recreation facilities in SLC have them available for free. If you live out of state, email your address to and we will mail you one.

How do I get a membership to GREENbike bike share?

Visit the GREENbike membership page for more information.

How do I look up public transportation information?

The Utah Transit Authority offers a Trip Planner for taking public transit in Salt Lake City and the region.

Google Maps also offers a transit option when searching directions to a location.

You can also use the Transit app to plan trips on public transit and see the locations of buses and trains in real-time.

How do I request information about a transportation project or study?

Please look at the resources available on our Plans & Studies page.

If you’re still not able to find what you’re looking for, send us an email at or call us at 801-535-6630.

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Transportation Division Staff


  • Jon Larsen, PEDirector
  • Julianne SabulaDeputy Director
  • Becka RoolfSenior Transportation Policy Analyst
  • Stacey LunaOffice Technician
  • Amy LyonsOffice Facilitator

Transportation Operations

  • Lynn Jacobs, PETransportation Engineer
  • Zahnor EdwardsSenior Traffic Technician
  • Cecil ImhoffSenior Traffic Technician
  • Arturo HernandezTraffic Technician
  • Bradley ButtarsTraffic Technician

Signal Operations

  • Kurt Larson, PETransportation Engineer
  • Bryan MeenenTraffic Control Center Supervisor
  • Matthew HyerTraffic Control Center Operator

Project Delivery

  • Jeff Gulden, PETransportation Engineer
  • Kyle Cook, PETransportation Engineer
  • Jena Carver, PETransportation Engineer
  • Will BeckerTransportation Planner
  • Susan LundmarkTransportation Planner
  • Jenna SimkinsTransportation Planner
  • Mary Sizemore, EITTransportation Engineer

Safety, Analytics & Livable Streets

  • Dan Bergenthal, PETransportation Engineer
  • Stephanie SotkinTransportation Planner
  • Bill Baranowski, PETransportation Engineer
  • Laura StevensTransportation Planner

Strategic Planning and Programming

  • Heather McLaughlin-KolbTransportation Planning Manager
  • Lara McLellanTransportation Program and Policy Lead
  • Joe TaylorTransportation Planner
  • Keegan GalloroTransportation Planner
  • Kyle IrvinTransportation Planner