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Service of Notice of Claims, Subpoenas or Complaints on Salt Lake City Corporation should be accomplished in the following way:

Notice of Claims: All notices of claims can be mailed to: Salt Lake City Recorder, P.O. Box 145515, Salt Lake City, UT 84114-5515 OR emailed to To be timely, the notice of claim must be mailed/emailed on or before the deadline for filing, which will be determined by the postmarked date on the envelope/email.

Subpoenas and Complaints: To serve a Subpoena or Complaint on Salt Lake City Corporation, please contact Katie Nichols in the Salt Lake City Attorney’s Office to arrange for acceptance of service. She may be contacted at (801) 535-7663 or at Please note that only Salt Lake City Corporation can be served at the Salt Lake City Recorder’s Office. To serve an employee of Salt Lake City Corporation, please refer to the options provided in Rule 4 of the Utah Rules of Civil Procedure for service on individuals.

Welcome to the City Attorney’s Office

The purpose of the City Attorney’s Office is to provide quality and timely legal counsel to Salt Lake City Corporation. In fulfilling its purpose, the Attorney’s Office defends the interests of the City through preventative law and litigation, ensures that the day-to-day operations of the City are legally responsible, provides legal advice necessary for making sound legislative and administrative decisions and makes certain that the commitments and contracts binding the City are legally appropriate.

The City Prosecutors Department prosecutes persons and organizations charged with violations of City ordinances, ensuring justice, public protection and compliance with the law.

The Risk Management Department manages liability/tort claims filed against the City, City contractual insurance requirements, insured and self insured programs including Workers Compensation for Salt Lake City employees and provides risk, safety and emergency preparedness support to City departments.

The purpose of the City Recorder’s Office is to maintain and preserve the official records of Salt Lake City including the proceedings of the Salt Lake City Council.