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Recognized Community Organizations

Salt Lake City values the participation of the community and has established the Recognized Community Organizations (RCO) Ordinance as a formal way for these groups to be recognized by the City. Section 2.60 of the Salt Lake City Code outlines the requirements and duties of both the City and the Recognized Community Organizations.

For a current list of RCOs and their meeting times click here.

Registration Form

Renewal Form


Registration Form

By registering your organization, Salt Lake City will be better able to assist your organization. Registered organizations receive early briefings on many land-use requests, are eligible for financial assistance through our community grants funds and provide a direct channel of communication between the City and the community.

Registration Requirements

All community organizations seeking recognition pursuant to the chapter must comply with the following:

  1. Properly register as a nonprofit corporation in good standing with the State of Utah
  2. Adopt bylaws which include the following provisions:
    • A clear definition of membership;
    • A policy of open participation of all persons who are members of the organization;
    • A policy against discrimination;
    • Attendance to meetings is open to the general public;
    • Meetings will provide an opportunity for public input.
  3. Organizations must hold at least one meeting of their membership each year.

Responsibilities of the Recognized Community Organization

  1. Renew registration with the recorder’s office on an annual basis.  Renewal Form
  2. Establish orderly and democratic means for forming representative public input through civil and respectful dialogue.
  3. Establish and follow a clear method for reporting to the city actions which accurately reflect their position. Include the means by which a recommendation or decision was reached, how many members were involved and what the outcome was.
  4. By interaction with its members, residents, and the city, foster open and respectful communication between the community organization and representatives of city departments on plans, proposals and activities affecting the interests of the community organization.
  5. Provide updated information and any changes to the Recorder’s Office in a timely manner.

Responsibilities of the City

  1. The city shall adequately educate the public on city policy, procedures, and actions.
  2. Each city department shall strive to utilize best public engagement practices to educate, engage, and receive input from the public at a level that is consistent with the scope of impact of a proposal or project.
  3. Recognized Community Organization Notification and Response: the city will send a notice to the applicable recognized community organization chair(s) for the following types of projects:
    • city code amendments
    • zoning map amendment,
    • conditional use,
    • planned development,
    • alley vacation,
    • master plan or policies to be adopted by the city council,
    • master plan amendment or policy amendments to be adopted by the city council
    • demolition of contributing structures located within a local historic district or landmark sites.
    • new construction of major public facilities and structures
    • major upgrades to public facilities and structures
    • major changes to street capacity or travel modes

      The recognized community organization chair(s) have 45 days to provide comments, from the date the notice was sent. A public hearing will not be held, nor will a final decision be made about the project within the 45 day period.

      Where a project is within 600 feet of the boundaries of another recognized community organizations district, when more than one recognized organization has requested a presentation of the matter, when the subject property is located west of 2200 West, or when the project is a text amendment to the city code, the City will schedule the item for an open house and notify the public, including those recognized community organizations who may be affected by the project or who have specifically requested notification of the public open house.
  4. The city departments shall develop policies and procedures to show how they will provide notice and early participation opportunities for pending major city actions.

    These include but are not limited to public meetings, development projects, planning activities, grant and funding opportunities, which may have a significant impact on the membership of a registered community organization. Notice shall be given to affected community based organizations in a timely manner, including information on the time-frame for a response.
  5. The Recorder’s Office shall notify each registered community organization of pending requirement for re-registration by December 31 of each year.
  6. In an effort to notify the public about the existence of community based organizations and encourage participation in these organizations, at least once a year the city shall make a reasonable attempt to provide a list of all community based organizations and their contact information to all residents, property owners, business owners, schools and non-profit agencies in Salt Lake City.

Annual Renewal Process

Renewal application are due annually on January, 31st

Renewal Application

Items to include with the Renewal Application:

  1. Screen shot of Good Standing status from the Utah Division of Corporations and Commercial Code, click here
  2. Updated Bylaws