Salt Lake City

City Attorney's Office

Notice of Claim Forms

Steps involved in filing a notice of claim

1. Complete a notice of claim form

Click here to obtain a notice of claim form or call (801) 535-7788 to request a claim form to be mailed or emailed to you. Click here for notice of claim requirements and other important information (§ 63G-7-401). An original signature is required, so please do not email or fax your claim, as it will not be accepted.

2. File the notice of claim with the Salt Lake City Recorder

Mailing address:

Salt Lake City Recorder
P.O. Box 145515
Salt Lake City, UT 84114-5515

Courier or hand-delivery:

Salt Lake City Recorder
451 South State Street, Room 415
Salt Lake City UT 84114-5515

3. File the notice of claim on time

Click here for the Utah Code reference specifying the time for filing claims (§ 63G-7-402).