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Housing Advisory and Appeals Board (HAAB)

The Housing Advisory & Appeals Board (HAAB) plays an important role in our community by providing an appeals process to help mitigate existing conditions, provide safe alternatives, and ensure a higher quality of life. The ability to review dangerous buildings and ensure the proper maintenance of existing residential structures creates safer neighborhoods, and permitting fee waivers for non-profit housing developments enables the creation of higher quality developments that are more compatible with existing neighborhoods.

HAAB has the following responsibilities:

  • Hear and decide appeals relating to existing housing conditions
  • The Board interprets and modifies the impact of specific provisions of the Existing Residential Housing Code (Chapter 18.50) where strict compliance is economically or structurally impractical and the approved alternative substantially accomplishes the purpose and intent of the requirement.
  • Conduct dangerous building abatement hearings
  • Hear requests for building permit fee waivers for non-profit housing developments
  • Improve housing and neighborhood conditions within the City through recommendations to the Mayor and propose new ordinances regarding housing to the City Council

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