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Schedule a Presubmittal Meeting

Planning Pre-submittal Review Meeting

A Pre-submittal meeting is an opportunity to meet with senior planning staff about your project – before or during creation of plans and drawings. We are available to discuss the following:

  • City codes and policies: What’s my zoning? What does the master plan say? Can I change the zoning? Is my project in a historic district and what does that mean?
  • Planning processes and procedures: How long will this take? Who can approve the project?
  • Conditions: What are the setback regulations? How tall can I build? Are there rules about what materials I can use?

These meetings can be especially helpful in when submitting applications to work in Historic Districts or on Landmark Sites. In some circumstances these meetings are required.

Pre-submittals are held every Thursday at 1:30; 2:00; 2:30; and 3:00. To schedule a meeting, please contact the Planning Counter at

Development Review Team (DRT)

Together the Planning and Zoning, Building Services, Public Utilities, Transportation and Engineering divisions conduct these meetings to ensure project stakeholders and the City are thoroughly informed of how City requirements and considerations will impact a project, saving everyone time and money during project development.

Application & submittal requirements.