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Pending Zoning Amendments

Pending Zoning Amendments

The Planning Division is working on city initiated proposals that may impact multiple properties and be of interest to residents and property owners. Please review the list and contact the staff member associated with each zoning amendment to learn more about the changes, the timing, and potential impact to your property and/or project. 

Proposals in the Engagement and Drafting Stages

The following proposals are in the early stages of being drafted and may have started the public engagement stages. The projects are listed here for reference.

Historic Preservation Overlay Reorganization

This proposal reorganizes the historic preservation overlay ordinance so that it is more user friendly in preparation for adding standards for changes to historic properties that are not currently in the zoning ordinance.

Staff Contact: Amy Thompson // or 801-535-7281

Pending City Council Action

Affordable Housing Incentives

This proposal would add incentives to the zoning ordinance to promote more affordable housing.

Staff Contact: Sara Javoronok // or 801-535-7625

Fleet Block Zoning Amendment

Creates a new form based zoning district for the city owned block located between 300 – 400 West and 800 – 900 South. The rezone includes one privately owned parcel on the block. View the proposed changes and recommendation from the Planning Commission.

The City Council has held public hearings and briefings with City Staff. It is not known when the City Council will make a decision regarding this proposal.

Staff Contact: Daniel Echeverria // or 801-535-7165

Modifications to Landscape Regulations in Order to Qualify for Rebates

The State of Utah and the Central Water Conservancy District offer rebates to property owners who remove sod and replace landscaping with more appropriate vegetation for our climate with the goal of conserving water. Both rebate programs are being modified and those modifications require cities to update landscaping regulations for property owners to qualify for the rebate programs.

Staff Contact: Nick Norris, Planning Director //

Adopted Zoning Amendments

Accessory Dwelling Unit Modifications

The City Council adopted the proposed ordinance as ordinance number 17 of 2023 on April 4, 2023.

The Planning Commission initiated a petition to make modifications to regulations related to accessory dwelling units, including allowing ADUs as permitted uses instead of conditional uses in single family residential zoning districts, updating regulations for internal ADUs to comply with Utah Code, and clarifying other ADU regulations. 

Staff Contact: Michael McNamee // or 801-535-7226

Changes to the RMF-30 Zoning District

The City Council adopted the proposed ordinance as ordinance number 68 of 2022 on October 18, 2022. The ordinance will become effective in 180 days.

Modifications to the RMF-30 zoning district include changes to density requirements, bulk and mass standards, allows more housing types in the zone, and adds design standards.

Staff Contact: Kelsey Lindquist // or 801-535-7930

Downtown Building Height & Street Activation Updates

The City Council adopted the proposed ordinance on July 11, 2023.

This proposal would update portions of the Land Use Code related to building heights, review processes, and pedestrian spaces within downtown. The code revisions aim to accommodate growth and respond to new development pressures while developing standards for public spaces. Changes seek to have a positive impact on human-scale orientation, pedestrian accessibility, and community character.

Staff Contacts:

Early Engagement Ordinance

The City Council adopted the proposed ordinance as ordinance number 23 of 2023 on June 6, 2023.

Some projects require early engagement with the community. This section may impact the timing of your project and add additional steps. Types of applications that may be impacted: 

  • Alley or street vacation or closure
  • Conditional use
  • Design review when required to be reviewed by the Planning Commission
  • Demolition of any landmark site or contributing structure in a local historic district
  • General plan amendments
  • New construction within a local historic district (except single-family and two-family dwellings)
  • Planned development
  • Zoning amendments (map and text)

Staff Contact: John Anderson // or 801-535-7214

Homeless Resource Center Amendments

The City Council adopted the proposed ordinance as ordinance number 19 of 2023 on May 2, 2023.

Homeless Resource Center Amendments
The Planning Division is proposing that the City Council adopt an overlay zoning district to regulate future homeless resource centers and homeless shelters. The overlay would be adopted into the zoning code, along with updates to the existing regulations that apply to homeless resource centers and homeless shelters. Prior to opening a new homeless resource center, the overlay would have to be applied to the zoning map. This means that anyone who wants to establish an HRC or shelter, would have to apply for a zoning map amendment.

Staff Contacts: 

Parking Requirement Amendments

The City Council adopted the proposed ordinance as ordinance number 67 of 2022 on October 18, 2022.

Updates to the off-street parking requirements including basing parking requirements on transit access, neighborhood context in terms of walkability, and proximity to cycling infrastructure. Changes are city wide. Learn more // City Council’s Information Page – Proposal to Update Off-street Parking Regulations.

Staff Contact: Eric Daems // or 801-535-7236

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