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Campaign Finance and Contribution Limits

Campaign Finance and Contribution Limits

Disclosures regarding contributions and expenditures are required by all candidates. Salt Lake City has provided access to each candidate’s reports.

Campaign Finance Online Reporting System

Open Campaign Committees/Voluntary Limits

Information Guide Regarding City Code 2.46.050H – Contributions from those in Contract with the City

Campaign Contribution Limits Per Election Cycle

No person shall make contributions during any election cycle to any candidate or to any political committee with respect to any election for city office, that, in the aggregate, exceed the following amounts:

Mayor – $3,720*

Council – $790*

*Calculations based on Consumer Price Index every two years of open Election Cycles – updated March 2022

What are Political Committees?

A group of persons cooperating to aid or promote the success or defeat of a candidate or issue, including the making of donations to a personal campaign committee. “Political Committee” does not mean an individual, a personal campaign committee, individuals who are related and who make contributions from a joint checking account, an entity that provides goods or services to a candidate or committee in the regular course of its business at the same price that would be provided to the general public, or a business entity using its own funds, except a business entity whose intended purpose is to act as a political committee.

The “purpose” of a political committee means an act done with intent or in such a way as to influence or tend to influence, directly or indirectly, the nomination or election of a candidate or the passage or defeat of any issue on the ballot at a municipal election.

Political committees must register with the State of Utah and also with Salt Lake City Recorder’s Office.

Registration Form

Political Committee Finance Statement

Campaign Finance Laws

Campaign Financial Disclosure Salt Lake City Code 2.46

Campaign Financial Disclosure State Code 20A-11

*This information is not a substitute for Utah State Code, and it is not intended to be a comprehensive statement of law.  If any inconsistency exists between this website and statute, the statutory language governs.

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