Salt Lake City

City Attorney's Office

Midterm Vacancy Process

List of District One Vacancy Applicants

*The application period closed October 29, 2021 at 12pm.

Salt Lake City Code 2.06.050 Vacancy Filling

In the event of a midterm vacancy the council will follow their established process. The council will accept applications in a defined window of time and select, by a majority vote of the remaining council members, to fill the unexpired term. The appointee shall serve with all of the rights and powers of a duly elected council member, until the date the duly elected individual is sworn into office. A vacancy shall occur if a council member shall die, resign, terminate legal domicile within the corporate limits of the city and the appropriate council district boundaries, or be judicially removed from office.

See also, Utah State Code 20A-1-510 Midterm Vacancies in Municipal Offices

For additional vacancy process information and a list of FAQ’s, click here.

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