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Due to the lack of signatures received by the Salt Lake County Clerk’s Office by 5:00pm on April 15, 2021 (the deadline for collecting signatures), the Salt Lake City Recorder’s Office has deemed the March 17th initiative petition insufficient in accordance with 20A-7-507.  Additional signatures are no longer permitted in accordance with 20A-7-506(1)(b) & 20A-7-507(4)

Proposition Information Pamphlet:

To view the PDF Proposition Information Pamphlet for the Utah Pantages Theater and Utah Capitol Theater click here.

2021 Submitted Initiatives:

Date SubmittedInitiative Short Title*Initiative ApplicationPublic Notice of ReferabilityProposition Information PamphletNumber of Signatures Required**
March 17, 2021Initiative Designating the Utah Pantages Theater and Utah Capitol Theater as Historic LandmarksApplicationPublic NoticeProposition Information Pamphlet8,048 total
April 16, 2021Initiative Designating the Utah Pantages Theater and Utah Capitol Theater as Historic Landmarks and Creating a Theater DistrictApplicationPublic Notice
*Not an official or legal title, this short title makes it easy to read and understand for the voter.
**Number of valid verifiable signatures required by 20A-7-501 to be placed on the ballot in the Municipal General Election

Signature Requirements:

Voter Participation Areas/Council DistrictsNumber of Verifiable Signatures RequiredNumber of Signatures Verified for March 17 Initiative
District One8210 signatures submitted
District Two6960 signatures submitted
District Three1,3330 signatures submitted
District Four1,3290 signatures submitted
District Five1,2230 signatures submitted
District Six1,3070 signatures submitted
District Seven1,3390 signatures submitted
Overall Total8,0480 signatures submitted

Registering Petition Signers to Vote

If an individual wishes to sign the initiative petition but is not registered to vote, the circulator may provide the individual with a voter registration form.  You can register to vote online – if you have a Utah Drivers License or ID Card here.

Removing a Signature

If an individual wants to remove her or his name from the petition, she or he must submit a notarized statement with the county clerk.  The statement must be received by the county clerk no later than 7 calendar days after the day on which the sponsors submit the last signature packet to the county clerk.

What is an Initiative?

A local initiative is a petition to propose a new municipal law.  If the initiative collects the required number of signatures, the law is reviewed by the Legislative body and may be submitted to the voters at an election for their approval or rejection. Curious about the initiative process? Visit the Lieutenant Governor’s site for a step-by-step review of the whole process, which can be found here.

What Comes Next?

The sponsors of the initiative have until April 15, 2021 at 5 p.m. to deliver the collected signatures to the Salt Lake County Clerk’s Office. The Salt Lake County Clerk has until May 17, 2021 at 5 p.m. to deliver the verified signatures to the Salt Lake City Recorder’s Office. Once the Recorder’s Office receives the signatures, Recorder Team staff will tabulate the number of valid signatures, compare this amount to the number of required signatures, and declare the petition as either sufficient or insufficient.  Sponsors will be notified immediately and the results will be posted on this website.

If the local clerk finds the total number of certified signatures from each verified signature sheet to be insufficient, any sponsor may file a written demand with the local clerk for a recount of the signatures appearing on the initiative petition in the presence of any sponsor. If a petition is declared insufficient, the sponsors may not submit additional signatures to qualify the petition for the ballot.

If the initiative is deemed sufficient or insufficient, the Recorder’s Office will update this page with the next steps.

DISCLAIMER:  This information is not a substitute for Utah State Code, and it is not intended to be a comprehensive statement of law.  If any inconsistency exists between this website and statute, the statutory language governs. Initiative applications that were pending prior to May 4, 2021, are subject to older regulations and requirements.  Please consult Utah State Code Title 20A Chapter 7 Part 5.