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Street Reconstruction Projects

Street Reconstruction Projects


Each year, Salt Lake City reconstructs numerous major and local streets, made possible by the 2018 voter-approved Funding Our Future street reconstruction bond. Major streets are high-capacity streets that deliver traffic at a high level of service. These projects also consider complete street elements like pedestrian or bicycle paths. Local streets are small streets that generally carry less traffic and have fewer lanes than major streets. Local streets are typically reconstructed in smaller single block segments, compared to major streets, which often involve the reconstruction of entire corridors.

Generally, construction will occur between April and October each year. While each location diff­ers, project improvements typically include sidewalk, curb, gutter and/or pedestrian ramp rehabilitation, minor storm drain repair and asphalt repaving. Local street reconstructions are anticipated to last approximately 2-4 weeks. Area residents can expect construction noise, dust, and vibration during normal working hours. Vehicle and pedestrian routes may be detoured but access to properties will be maintained whenever possible.  The project team will coordinate with individual residents where drive approaches require replacement.

Salt Lake City’s Pavement Management Team collects and analyzes pavement data to determine the most cost effective maintenance strategy for the City’s roadway network of 1,850 lane miles. Road conditions are evaluated by field inspection and pavement surveys and the data determines the type of maintenance each road receives. Street improvement project locations are determined by the pavement condition and funding rotates through all seven districts. Read the Salt Lake City Engineering Six-Year Pavement Plan.

2024 Major Street Reconstructions

2024 Major Reconstruction Projects List

200 South (400 West to 200 East)

1100 East/Highland Drive (Logan Avenue to Warnock Avenue)

1100 East (900 South to Logan Avenue)

Virginia Street (South Temple to 11th Avenue)

West Temple (North Temple to 400 South)

2100 South (700 East to 1300 East)

300 North (300 West to 1000 West)

2024 Local Street Reconstructions

2024 Local Street Reconstructions

This schedule is tentative and subject to change.

Northstar Drive (Redwood Rd to Cornell Street)

Paramount Avenue (300 West to West Terminus)

De Soto Street (Girard Avenue to North Terminus End)

Perry Avenue (Traffic Y to Sigbee Traffic Circle)

Perry Avenue (Virginia Street to Laurel Street)

18th Avenue (Little Valley Road to Terrace Hills Drive)

West Capitol Street (Zane Avenue to Girard Avenue)

Sigsbee Avenue (Sigsbee Traffic Circle to Sigsbee Traffic Circle Inclusive)

Perrys Hollow Road (Tomahawk Drive to New Bonneville Place)

Kensington Avenue (Wasatch Drive to Indian Hills Circle)

Oquirrh Drive (Oak Hills Way to St Marys Way)

Devonshire Drive (Sunset Oaks Drive to Lancaster Drive)

Bonneview Drive (1500 East to Michigan Avenue)

Country Club Circle (Parleys Canyon Boulevard to Cul-de-Sac End)

Pierpont Avenue (400 West to 300 West)

Kristianna Circle (Virginia Street to Cul-de-sac End): Concrete work complete with paving in spring 2024

University Street (600 South to 700 South): Concrete work complete with paving in spring 2024

100 South (500 West to 600 West): Concrete work through January with paving in 2024

Projects Map

Scroll through the interactive map below to view all of the roadway reconstruction projects happening throughout Salt Lake City. Click on the tabs on the top to view the completed projects from 2020, 2021, and 2022, and the current reconstruction projects happening now in 2023.

View the Bond Reconstruction Projects map full screen in a new window.

Additional Roadway Projects

Looking for another construction project in the roadway? Use the dropdown menus below to see what’s happening around Salt Lake City.

Transportation Projects

The Salt Lake City Transportation Division is working on many projects throughout the city. Transportation projects are designed to create a safer and more pleasant environment for all road users, including people walking, driving and bicycling. These projects are typically smaller in scale, and construction takes place in a singular location, such as an intersection, rather than the entire roadway. Transportation projects can take many forms, such as:

Physical infrastructure changes: Adding speed humps, chicanes, traffic circles, medians, roundabouts, and raised crosswalks.

Street design changes: Narrowing streets, adding bike lanes, improving sidewalks, and upgrading pedestrian crossings.

Roadway markings and signage: Adding pavement markings, crosswalks, and traffic signs to slow traffic and make it more predictable.

Traffic signal timing changes: Changing traffic signal timing to improve pedestrian and vehicular safety and reduce speeding.

Learn more about Transportation projects on the Transportation Division website.

Roadway Maintenance

Salt Lake City also performs roadway maintenance, which differs from roadway reconstruction. The main differences between the two are as follows:

Purpose: Roadway maintenance aims to preserve and extend the life of the existing roadway, while reconstruction aims to replace or significantly upgrade the existing roadway infrastructure.

Scope: Roadway maintenance typically involves smaller-scale repairs, such as repairing cracks and resurfacing the roadway to prolong the surface life. Roadway reconstruction involves major upgrades, such as replacing the entire roadway surface and substructure, updating drainage systems, and the addition of complete street elements such as bicycle and pedestrian paths.

Timeframe: Roadway maintenance projects are typically completed in less time while roadway reconstruction projects generally take longer to complete as they involve more extensive work and often require lane closures and other more significant impacts.

Learn more about our surface treatment maintenance program and other Salt Lake City Streets Division maintenance programs.

Additional Resources

UDOT and Private Roads

Not all roads within the Salt Lake City boundaries are owned by Salt Lake City. Some roads are owned and maintained by the Utah Department of Transportation (sections of 700 East, 400 South, Foothill Drive, and others) and private entities.

Fiber Projects

Internet service providers often install fiber lines in the public right of way. A great deal of construction will involve boring in parking strips and the street. This type of construction should last between 8 and 14 days. If the construction is occurring on a power pole, it will likely take less time and be less disturbing than if in the street or parking strip. Check to see if a phone number is located on the vehicle at the site. If no phone number is displayed, check the public permits map or the Citizen Access Portal to research individual permits near your address.

  • Google Construction Complaints: 877-454-6959

  • Century Link Construction Complaints: 801-237-4847

  • Comcast Construction Complaints: 800-273-1595

  • Salt Lake City Fiber Hotline (for unresolved or ongoing issues): 801-535-6466

Public Permits Map

Use this interactive public permits map for information on programmed roadway construction projects and permitted work in the public right of way.

Public Utilities Projects

Use this interactive Salt Lake City Public Utilities Projects map for information about utility projects.

2023 Major Street Reconstructions

2023 Major Reconstruction Projects List

900 South (900 West to Lincoln Street): Completed

300 West (900 South to 2100 South): Completed

200 South (400 West to 900 East): Construction continues in 2024

1100 East/Highland Drive (Logan Avenue to Warnock Avenue): Construction continues in 2024

1100 East (900 South to Logan Avenue): Construction continues in 2024

2023 Local Street Reconstructions

2023 Local Street Reconstruction Projects List

Salt Lake City does not publish individual webpages for local street reconstructions. Please contact the Engineering Division at or 801-535-7561 with questions or concerns.

Kristianna Circle (Virginia Street to Cul-de-sac End): Concrete work complete with paving in spring 2024

University Street (600 South to 700 South): Concrete work complete with paving in spring 2024

100 South (500 West to 600 West): Concrete work through January with paving in 2024

1000 East (Atkin Avenue to 2700 South): Complete

Lincoln Street (Elm Avenue to 2100 South): Complete

Meadow Lane (Green Street to 700 East): Complete

Gregson Avenue (900 East to Lincoln Street): Complete

Dallin Street (Country Club Drive to Stringham Avenue): Complete

1700 East (1300 South to Sherman Avenue): Complete

Benchmark Drive (Lakeline Drive to Terminus): Complete

Benchmark Circle (Benchmark Drive to Cul-de-sac End): Complete


These projects are funded through the 2018 voter-approved Funding Our Future street reconstruction bond. On November 6, 2018, Salt Lake City voters approved the $87 million Funding Our Future Streets Reconstruction Bond. This funding is allowing the City to begin addressing our most deteriorating streets and, when paired with new sales tax revenue for streets maintenance, enables us to prolong the life of our entire street network.

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