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Sugar House Construction Projects

Sugar House Construction Projects


Multiple roadway construction projects will be done by Salt Lake City in the Sugar House neighborhood through 2025. When complete, these infrastructure projects will upgrade deteriorating underground utilities and improve travel conditions for everyone. Projects from other agencies, like the Utah Department of Transportation (UDOT) and electricity, gas, and telecommunication companies, will occur simultaneously.

Many of these investments are possible thanks to the ongoing Funding Our Future initiative that started in 2018: the $87 million voter-approved bond for street reconstruction along with yearly sales tax revenue for increased street maintenance. The first bond projects began construction in 2020 and more projects are on their way. Underground utility work like storm drains or water and sewer line upgrades will take place before streets are reconstructed to allow the roadbed to settle and minimize construction impacts. For some of these projects, the need to replace our aging infrastructure is so immediate that the work on utility projects can’t wait until the street reconstruction. For this reason, multiple projects will affect the same areas at different times over the next few years. These projects must happen now to ensure the quality and reliability of utility services and to address current and future transportation demands.

Some of these projects will take place in just weeks, but other projects will take place over multiple years, like UDOT’s reconstruction of I-80 and I-215 and Salt Lake City Public Utilities’ East-West water transmission line. As projects progress, we will coordinate and share information to keep people informed about potential service interruptions, detour routes, or travel delays.

Learn more about the upcoming construction projects happening in Sugar House below. Please note: this is the planned timing for these projects as of February 2023, but project timing and extents are subject to change in the future.

Sugar House Projects

Below, view a project list, FAQ, and timeline map of all upcoming Sugar House projects to be done by Salt Lake City (unless noted otherwise).



  • Jordan & Salt Lake Canal replacement on Highland Drive between 2200 South and 2350 South

  • Highland Drive resurfacing from Warnock Drive (just south of I-80) to city limits with Millcreek (Millcreek will carry to 3300 South)

  • Pedestrian Hybrid Beacon on Highland Drive (near Kimi’s Chop House)

  • RRFB (Rectangular Rapid Flash Beacons) at 2100 South and 1900 East

  • Boulder Ventures to finish their property piece of Parley’s Trail

  • 2700 South resurfacing from 700 East to 1300 East




  • I-80 (including bridges at 1300 East, 1700 East, and 2000 East) to be completed by UDOT
    • Construction will continue through late 2023. This project is being done to replace aging infrastructure, reduce congestion, and enhance safety. Visit the UDOT project webpage for more information and to sign up for real-time text alerts and email updates. Contact the project team with questions at 844-909-3278 or at

  • 1100 East – 900 South to Logan Ave phase one




  • 1100 East – 900 South to Logan Ave phase two



What’s the difference between street maintenance and street reconstruction?

Maintenance includes activities such as crack sealing and level patching, resurfacing streets, etc. that help prolong the life of the entire street network. Reconstruction is generally performed when a street has deteriorated to the point of no return, often requiring the street to be excavated and rebuilt from the bottom up using layers of rock and asphalt.

Why do all these projects need to happen now?

Salt Lake City recognizes the challenges all these projects will cause to residents and businesses, but we (along with other organizations) also need to plan and ensure continued investment in the community:

A good network of streets, sidewalks, utilities, and more for years to come

Long standing issues are addressed, like the fact that a 2017 pavement condition survey revealed that nearly 2/3 of Salt Lake City streets are in poor or worse condition; many of these streets are in such poor condition that they need to be entirely reconstructed.

Much of our infrastructure in the Sugar House community is aging and is in dire need of replacement. We have also seen a lot of growth in this neighborhood over the past 10+ years. We need to improve and upgrade our public infrastructure to meet the current and future needs of this important community within our City.

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