Salt Lake City

Public Lands Department

East Bench / H-Rock Preserve

About the Preserve

The East Bench Preserve comprises 42 acres of foothills open space in the City’s East Bench neighborhood. In 2007, the City and Utah Open Lands coordinated with various funding sources to acquire 13 privately-held acres within the preserve, including the “H-Rock”, and placed them in a conservation easement known as the “H-Rock Preserve”.

The Preserve is a popular destination for visitors to enjoy and easily access open space. It includes a 1/2-mile section of the Bonneville Shoreline Trail (BST), the only natural-surface residential segment of the BST in Salt Lake City. The Preserve is also the largest area of conserved open space below the BST in Salt Lake County. In 2016, the Trails & Natural Lands Division also built trails connecting the BST to the top of the H-Rock as well as down to Scenic Drive.


  • Natural Area
  • Trails

Preserve Boundaries with Private Open Space

Several large private parcels of undeveloped land adjacent to the East Bench Preserve still exist. Some are zoned as Open Space and some are zoned as Foothill Residential (in green and purple in this linked map). Salt Lake City holds an easement along the BST through these privately-owned parcels (shown with red dashed line).  


The East Bench/H-Rock Preserve can be accessed from either 1950 Devonshire Drive (northwest), 1850 Lakeline Drive (east), or 1941 Scenic Drive (southwest).