Salt Lake City

Public Lands Department

Construction and Building Resources

The Salt Lake City code requires the protection of existing public trees during construction projects. Below are links to important documents regarding tree protection and preservation during construction. Trees to be preserved must have tree protection fencing put up prior to the start of any demolition or construction work.

Urban Forestry Plan Review Checklist
Tree Protection and Preservation Policy
Tree Protection Zone Sign
Tree Removal Mitigation Policy
Park Strip Tree Planting Requirements
Tree Planting Detail

You may call the Urban Forestry office at 801-972-7818 if you have questions about any of these documents.

Even small projects such as re-landscaping or xeriscaping the park strip can damage trees. Please call Urban Forestry prior to the work so we can help limit damage to existing trees. If any digging is to occur within the drip line of a city tree, you are required to call Urban Forestry prior to the work. We will perform a site visit evaluation to prevent tree damage.