Salt Lake City

Public Lands Department

Regional Athletic Complex League Play/Single-Game Policy

Organizer’s Responsibilities:

  • Organizer shall pay the full reservation fees five (5) days before the game to avoid cancellation of field(s)
  • Failure to make payment 5 days before the game is considered a cancellation of field request​
  • Failure to properly clean up the field and spectator area is a violation of the rental agreement and will result in a $100/per field cleaning fine that will be billed to the event Organizer on the rental application. This fee MUST be paid within 5 days in order to avoid suspension or dissolution of field privileges.
  • If applicable, a $125 fee to set up rugby or football uprights
  • If applicable, a $100 fee for football field lines beyond 10-yard markings including hash marks

Cancellation Fees:

  • For reservations canceled more than 5 days before the game (s), the City shall fully refund fees.
  • For reservations canceled fewer than 5 days before the game(s), the Organizer will not receive a refund.
  • Approved refunds will take approximately 2-4 weeks to be processed.
  • Updating a field use reservation to include less than the reserved number of fields or hours will be considered a cancellation.