Salt Lake City

Public Lands Department

Regional Athletic Complex FAQ’s

Where is the Regional Athletic Complex located?

2280 N Rose Park Lane
Salt Lake City, UT 84116

What are the complex's hours of operation?

The Regional Athletic Complex is available for reservations between 8:00am and 10:00pm. Insurance is required for all reservations. Questions and details please contact us.

What months are the Regional Athletic Complex open?

April 15 – October 31. Dates are subject to change due to weather.

Is there drop-in or free play?

The Regional Athletic Complex is designed to offer a premier playing experience in Salt Lake City. Rates are based on facility maintenance expenses and are designed to keep the fields and turf in top quality condition. Fee rentals include field lining, goals, team benches, public Wi-Fi, trash collection and restrooms. The city has a limited number of regulation soccer and lacrosse goals as well as 4 fields that can accommodate in ground rugby uprights. Due to the labor intensity of the rugby upright installation, an additional fee applies if those are to be used for an event.
Drop-in play is not allowed at the Regional Athletic Complex. The Salt Lake City Parks Division has many fields available for games and practices. For more information on city fields, please visit the Public Lands website.

Is there parking available at the complex?

Yes. The Salt Lake Regional Athletic Complex has nearly 1,200 parking spaces located around the fields including an overflow area near the north gate. Please do not park in designated red zones. These areas must remain free and clear of vehicles to provide easy access for emergency vehicles as well as continued traffic flow. You will be ticketed for parking in the red zones.

What special accommodations are provided for disabled guests?

All the fields are ADA accessible.

Is internet access available?

Yes. The RAC has a free Wi-Fi network for visitors as well as the capability to work with filming companies to stream games.

Are food and beverages allowed?

Yes. Outside food and non-alcoholic drinks are allowed. All waste must be disposed of properly. Alcohol distribution and consumption is prohibited except for special permitted events only. For more information on event permitting, please visit the Utah Department of Alcohol Beverage Control.

Is smoking allowed on or near the playing fields?

Smoking is not allowed on or near the fields. Any cigarette butts left behind will be deemed as litter and could result in the client receiving a fine.

How many fields are there at the Salt Lake Regional Athletic Complex?

The complex is comprised of 16 natural grass, sand-based fields.

Are there lighted fields for evening events?

Yes. Eight of the fields, including the championship field, are equipped with lighting.

What is the process for renting a field at the complex?

Complete the applicable online rental application form. Completion of the application form does not indicate approval or acceptance. Once reservations are approved, a completed contract will be issued for signature and payment.

Are animals allowed at the complex?

Well-mannered leashed furry friends are welcome at the RAC. Owners MUST pick up after their pets.

What are the dimensions of the fields?

Eleven of the complex’s fields measure 110 yards by 70 yards. An additional five fields are 110 yards by 80 yards.

Can I warm up on an adjacent field if the field that I am scheduled on is currently taken?

All field use must be reserved and paid ahead of time by our event coordinator. To ensure that fields are of the highest quality, we implement restrictions on the amount of weekly use each field receives.

When can I access my field?

Field reservations are made by the hour, EX: 6:00pm – 8:00pm. If you would like to warm up on your field prior to your game, please allot for that in your reservation time.

How are the fields numbered?

Please click here to see a layout of the Regional Athletic Complex fields.

Does it cost anything to park a vehicle at the complex?

No. However, occasionally during special events there may be a fee to park.

Is there a shelter at the fields in the event of inclement weather?

There is not a shelter onsite at the Complex. All events must follow the stated lightning policy.

How do visitors find out if an event is cancelled due to weather?

Contact your specific event coordinator or call 801-972-7880. This information may also be on our Facebook page.

Is there sideline seating at the fields?

There is no permanent seating around the fields at the Complex, but additional seating may be brought in by tournament organizers. There is no seating allowed on the grass of the championship field. Spectators must be behind the fence.

Are restrooms available on-site?

Yes. There is one permanent comfort station at the Complex. There are also additional facilities available during special events.

Is there a restaurant located on-site?

There is no permanent food vendor on-site. If desired, the Regional Athletic Complex will work with tournament organizers and local food vendors to arrange dining options for patrons.

Is there overnight parking or space for RV's?

There is absolutely no overnight parking allowed at the Complex. We have a partnership with Pony Express, an RV and campground located 1 mile from the complex, to accommodate camping patrons. The complex closes 30 minutes after the last game of the day. Please review your event schedule to ensure your vehicle is removed prior to locking the gates.

Who do I contact with further questions?

Please call Jennifer Farrell at (801)972-7880 or email for any further inquiries regarding the Regional Athletic Complex.