Salt Lake City

Public Lands Department

Regional Athletic Complex Tournament Policy

City’s Responsibilities:

City shall have the right to cancel an event in whole or in part. Field closures may result from inclement weather, poor playing conditions, or field damage which may cause hazardous safety considerations for the public or excessive repairs to the field.

  • City shall supply Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs) on-site for emergency use. AEDs are located in the restroom facilities. There is no medical personnel provided by the Facility.
  • City shall not be responsible for any theft or damages at the Facility or in the parking lots.
  • City staff or registered volunteers will be onsite during the tournament and are the only authorized personnel to perform field maintenance.
  • If available, City shall provide appropriate-sized goals for the match game/play. The number of goals needed must be covered with the City in advance of the tournament.
  • City shall provide nets for Facility goals. The number of nets needed by the Organizer must be covered with the City in advance of the tournament. Nets will be in playing condition prior to tournament rental time.
  • The Facility has a limited number of rugby and football uprights. If tournaments either exceed the number available or are taking place on fields that are not equipped with sleeves, it is the responsibility of the tournament organizer to provide the necessary equipment.
  • City shall make every effort to ensure that fields are painted, however, there is no guarantee that they will be painted that day. The painting will be distinct and visible.
  • City shall provide a tournament confirmation document to the Organizer, which the Organizer should bring to the Regional Athletic Complex on the day of the tournament.
  • City shall advise Organizer of total fees due and the date fees are due.

​If inclement weather causes fields to be unsafe for play, every attempt will be made to reschedule the tournament rental day(s).

  • If no use has occurred on the tournament rental day(s) and use cannot be rescheduled within 60 days, a full refund for that rental day(s) will be given.​
  • If the user has begun on the rental day and inclement weather moves in, play will be delayed until fields are deemed safe for play. If play cannot be resumed or if play is resumed and more inclement weather moves in, no partial refund will be given.
  • If the use has not begun on the rental date and there is a delay due to inclement weather, Facility staff will communicate with Organizer as to an estimated start time. If the Organizer determines they cannot proceed with their tournament due to the delay, a refund will be issued.

If lightning is seen, a mandatory game delay of 30 minutes will be enforced and all players, coaches, officials, and guests must leave the fields and seek shelter. Staying near fields or under pavilions is not acceptable. Updates will be communicated to the Organizer by the City staff.​

Organizer’s Responsibilities:

  • Organizers for tournaments shall pay the total rental fees at the time the reservation is confirmed by the Facility staff. In addition, the Organizer shall pay the following:
    • Failure to properly clean up the field and spectator area is a violation of the rental agreement and will result in a $100 cleaning fine that will be billed to the event Organizer on the rental application. This fine MUST be paid within five (5) days to avoid suspension or dissolution of field rental privileges.
    • If applicable, a fee of $30 for fee splitting
    • If applicable, a fee of $125 to set up rugby or football uprights; and
    • If applicable, a fee of $100 for football field lines and beyond 10-yard markings including hash marks
  • Organizer shall rent the following fields for the times designated
  • Organizer shall ensure that a tournament representative is onsite at all times and must provide the representative’s phone number on the rental agreement.
  • Organizer shall ensure that groups do not enter fields until their designated rental time.
  • Organizer shall ensure that groups clear the fields by the designated rental time conclusion.
  • The Facility shall close following the final game of the day and the Organizer shall ensure that all cars are removed from the parking lot.
  • Organizer shall ensure that minors do not enter fields without adult supervision. Parents must supervise children at all times to ensure they do not play with, on, or around the equipment.
  • Organizer shall ensure that only players, coaches, and officials are permitted on the fields. Spectators are to remain outside the field perimeter and encroachment lines at all times.
  • Organizer shall ensure that equipment is not removed. This applies to all equipment in general and goals in particular. The only exception is to move game goals outside of the goal area for warm-ups. Participants should not play with, on, or around the equipment.
  • Organizer shall report to the City any safety hazards found on the fields, such as holes, broken equipment, etc. to ensure safe play. If the tournament causes any of the needed repairs, that tournament organizer may be held responsible for the fees incurred to repair any damage.
  • Organizer shall ensure that no warm-ups are permitted in goal mouths. This ensures the integrity of the surface for match/gameplay.
  • Organizer shall provide any additional goals or nets over and above what the City provides.
  • Organizer shall be responsible for making any necessary repairs to the nets during the game.
  • Organizers may be asked to provide additional rugby or football uprights for the tournament.
  • The Organizer shall monitor the conduct of their coaches, players, and fans. Any behavior that is seen as obscene, dangerous, offensive, or unsportsmanlike, will not be tolerated and may result in ejection from the Facility.
  • Organizers may be required to provide uniformed police or sheriff’s deputies for the tournament. City will notify the Organizer if security is needed after the City reviews the tournament information. The entire cost of the security will be the responsibility of the Organizer and must be paid in advance of the tournament.
  • Personal 10 x 10 tents or canopies are allowed in designated areas only. The placement is determined by Facility staff in order to maintain safe traffic flow and views of the fields. Failure to comply with this will result in the patron being asked to leave the Facility. Organizer shall assist with ensuring that their participants and spectators comply with Facility staff directives.
  • Organizer shall provide a map of all tent, vendor, and trainer locations.
  • Organizer shall ensure that tent stakes are not used. Rental tents must have water barrels rather than tent stakes and all pop-up tents must have 50 pounds of weight to secure them.
  • All signage content and placement must be approved in advance by the Facility staff.