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Are you interested in volunteering for Salt Lake City Trails and Natural Lands? Thank you! We love our volunteers, and depend on you for help in keeping our lands beautiful. Volunteer opportunities include all tools and equipment necessary, along with TNL employees to lead the event and work alongside you. There are a couple different methods to volunteer with SLC TNL: as an individual or group in our bi-annual weed pulls or as a group interested in setting up a one-time volunteer event for 1 – 2.5 hours. To request to volunteer, contact Sherilyn Hirschi here.

2017 Volunteer Services Annual Report

Adopt A Spot Program

Benefits of Being a Volunteer

  • Meet new people in your community with the common goal of conserving our natural lands
  • Learn something new, while gaining a better understanding for SLC TNL.
  • Enjoy food with your newfound peers after Trails and Natural Lands’ biannual weed pulls.

Most Common Volunteer Opportunities

*Opportunity availability depends on groups size and time of year.

Annual Volunteer Events

  • Purge your Spurge
    • Myrtle Spurge, an invasive and noxious weed in SLC, is slowly being eradicated from the foothills slopes by our volunteers! Purge your Spurge 2018 occurred this past April with over 10,000 lbs of Myrtle Spurge pulled! Join us next April, 2019 for another great day of conservation – date TBD.
  • Pancakes and Puncture Vines
    • Ever ride your bike along the Jordan River Parkway, only to get a flat within the first mile? This is often caused by Puncture Vine seeds, also called Goathead, that puncture bike tires. An event to mitigate the problem will be held on September 15, 2018, followed by pancakes at Fred Fife Preserve. Interested in joining in on the fun? Contact Sherilyn Hirschi here.