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Monopole, Wireless Communication Facility – 1550 South 5600 West

Conditional Use

Monopole, Wireless Communication Facility – 1550 South 5600 West

Petition Number: PLNPCM2020-00819

Zoning District: M-1

City Council District: 2, Represented by Andrew Johnston

The petitioner, Brian Sieck of Smartlink, is seeking Conditional Use approval for a new AT&T Wireless telecommunications facility with an 80-foot tall monopole and associated equipment on the property located at 1550 South 5600 West in the M-1 – Light Manufacturing zoning district.  Per section 21A.40.090.E of the Zoning Ordinance, all monopoles taller than 60 feet in the M-1 zone require Conditional Use approval.   This project was previously reviewed under PLNPCM2019-00542 and was approved in September 2019.  However, Conditional Use approvals expire after one year.   This request is located within the Inland Port Overlay and will be reviewed by the City’s Planning Commission.

Project Location

Located at approximately 1550 South 5600 West.

Next Steps

  • The project will be reviewed as a Conditional Use proposal by Staff and will be scheduled for a public hearing at an upcoming Planning Commission meeting.
  • Additional information including the date, agenda, and staff report will be posted as they are available.

Public Comments and Questions

The public comment period closed December 28, 2020. For additional information on this project please contact the staff planner.

Sara Javoronok  // // 385-226-4448

During and following this comment period, the Planning Division will evaluate the proposal against the applicable zoning standards, taking into consideration public comments as they relate to the standards, and develop a recommendation for the Planning Commission.

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