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465 S. Main Street Apartment Tower – Design Review

Design Review

465 S. Main Street Apartment Tower

Petition Number: PLNPCM2021-00586

Existing Zoning: D-1 Central Business District

Council District: District 4, Represented by Ana Valdemoros

Larry Curtis, FFKR Architects, representing the property owner, PEG 465 Main LLC, is requesting additional building height for the mid-block portion of a proposed new building (apartments and ground floor commercial) to be located at 465 S. Main Street (northeast corner of Main Street and 500 south), through the Design Review process subject to the requirements of chapter 21A.59 of the Salt Lake City Zoning Code. 

The proposed building length along Main Street is approximately 235’.  Per section 21A.30.020 – D1 – Central Business District, the first 165’ of the building length is required to be at least 100’ in building height but no more that 375’ as measured from the corner of intersecting streets (in this case Main Street and 500 South).  The proposed building height at the corner is approximately 179’.  At the 165’ building length, as measured from the corner, the mid-block building cannot exceed 100’ in building height except as granted through the Design Review process.  The applicant is requesting additional building height, a modification to the 100’ mid-block building height limit, and requests that the building maintain an overall consistent building height of 179’ for the entire building, thus exceeding the 100’ mid-block building height limit by approximately 79’.

Project Location

Located at approximately 465 S. Main Street.

Additional Information

Public Comments and Questions

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  • Start of Public Comment Period: September 28, 2021
  • End of the Public Comment Period: November 12, 2021

Lex Traughber // // 385-226-9056

During and following this comment period, the Planning Division will evaluate the proposal against the applicable zoning standards, taking into consideration public comments as they relate to the standards, and develop a recommendation for the Planning Commission.

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