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Concrete Manufacturing Facility at 1055 N Warm Springs Road

Concrete Manufacturing Facility at 1055 N Warm Springs Road

Petition Number: PLNPCM2022-00169

Application Type: Conditional Use Permit

 Location: 1055 N Warm Springs Rd

Zoning District: M-1 Light Manufacturing District

Overlay District: Airport Flight Path Protection

City Council District: District 3, Represented by Chris Wharton

Quinten Bingham, representing the property owner, has submitted an application for a conditional use permit for concrete manufacturing facility at 1055 North Warm Springs Road in the M-1 Light Manufacturing District.  The current use of the property is equipment storage, and the proposed use will be located at the southern half of this parcel. The proposed facility will be accessed from Warm Springs Road via a new drive approach at the most southern portion of the property. The proposed site plan includes details on the location of the proposed concrete manufacturing facility and the location of ancillary uses – including aggregate storage, a detention basin and washout area, dumpster facilities, parking for employees and concrete mixer trucks, and an internal access road circulating the project area.

The property is located in the M-1 Light Manufacturing District where a concrete manufacturing facility is listed as a Conditional Use. The Conditional Use process looks at compatibility, location, configuration, and potential impacts of the request. The proposed use will be subject to all relevant development requirements in City Code section 21A.28.020 M-1 Light Manufacturing District, 21A.36.180 Environmental Performance Standards, and 21A.54 Conditional Uses.

Project Details

The proposed use is subject to the following qualifying provisions (21A.33.040 Table of Permitted and Conditional Uses for Manufacturing Districts):

  •    12. Prohibited within 1,000 feet of a Single- or Two-Family Zoning District.
  •    13. Prohibited within the Eco-Industrial Buffer Area of the Northwest Quadrant Overlay District.
  •    19. Consult the water use and/or consumption limitations of Subsection 21A.33.010.D.1.

The applicant has provided the following information about the proposed use:

  • Proposed daily hours of operation: 6am – 7pm
  • Estimated maximum number of concrete mixer trips to the site per day: 88
  • Estimated maximum number of employee vehicle trips per day: 40
  • Total number of employees at the highest shift: 5-20
  • Estimated maximum number of concrete mixers stored on-site: 20-25

The applicant has also provided the following plan for concrete mixer truck routes to and from the site to avoid increasing traffic in residential areas. According to the applicant, this map will be provided electronically to all drivers accessing the facility and all drivers will be verbally informed of the appropriate truck route.

Project Location

Property located at approximately 1055 N Warm Springs Rd.

Additional Information

Next Steps

  • Notice of this application was sent to the Chair of the Capitol Hill Neighborhood Council on March 17th, 2022.  On April 20th, 2022, this recognized organization held a meeting to discuss the proposal. If you would like to reach out to the Capitol Hill Neighborhood Council, please reach out to them using the following contact information: David
  • Notice of this application was also sent to the Chair of the Rose Park Community Council on August 4th, 2022. If you would like to reach out to the Rose Park Community Council, please reach out to them using the following contact information: Kevin

The early engagement noticing period ended on September 19th, 2022. However, the review of this project is ongoing and updated plans are sent to these recognized organizations as we receive them.

  • Notice has also been sent to property owners and residents within 300 feet of the project to obtain public input and comments on the proposal.
  • The Planning Division’s review includes evaluating the proposal against the applicable development requirements, considering public comment in relation to the conditional use standards, and developing a recommendation for the Planning Commission.
  • Once the above review process is complete, the Planning Commission will hold a public hearing, hear comments from the public, and make a final decision to approve, approve with conditions, or deny the proposed use.

What is the role of the Planning Staff in this process?

Planning Staff processes the application, communicates with the applicant throughout the review process, and seeks input from the community.

Public Comments and Questions

We want to hear from you! To submit a comment or ask a question, please contact the staff planner via the following contact information:

Rylee Hall, Principal Planner // // 801-535-6308

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