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Salt Lake City Guide to Affordable Housing Incentives

Salt Lake City’s Affordable Housing Incentives (AHI) are in effect as of April 30, 2024. The Planning Division prepared a Guide to Affordable Housing Incentives to provide guidance to property owners, residents, developers, and others interested in the AHI. 

It provides information on eligibility, affordability and zoning requirements, requirements by other city departments, and the process for using the AHI.

The specific zoning requirements of the AHI are in chapter 21A.52 of the city’s zoning ordinance. Applications to use the AHI can be submitted with the Zoning Incentives application available from the Applications page.

2024 Income limits

Household Size30% AMI50% AMI60% AMI80% AMI100% AMI
1 Person24,27040,45048,54064,72080,900
2 Person27,72046,20055,44073,92092,400
3 Person31,20052,00062,40083,200104,000
4 Person34,65057,75069,30092,400115,500
5 Person37,44062,40074,88099,840124,800
6 Person40,20067,00080,400107,200134,000
7 Person42,99071,65085,980114,640143,300
8 Person45,75076,25091,500122,000152,500

2024 Rent Limits

Bedrooms (People)30% AMI50% AMI60% AMI80% AMI100% AMI
Efficiency (1.0)6061,0111,2131,6182,022
1 Bedroom (1.5)6491,0831,2991,7332,166
2 Bedrooms (3.0)7801,3001,5602,0802,600
3 Bedrooms (4.5)9011,5011,8022,4033,003
4 Bedrooms (6.0)1,0051,6752,0102,6803,350
5 Bedrooms (7.5)1,1091,8482,2182,9583,697

The income and rent limits are determined by HUD.  These are beta numbers for planning purposes only. The rent limits include utilities. If utilities are not included, there is a lower rent limit based on a utility allowance schedule for gas, electric, water, sewer, and trash that is updated annually. Discuss this with Planning staff at pre-submittal for more information.

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