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Salt Lake City Mayor announces new Deputy Director of Development Services

SALT LAKE CITY — Veteran Salt Lake City team member Orion Goff will move into a new role, serving as the new Deputy Director of Development Services in the Department of Community and Neighborhoods (CAN), Salt Lake City Mayor Erin Mendenhall announced today.

Goff, who has been with the City for 17 years, will be responsible for improvement of the permitting processes and accessibility by implementing a single point of contact concierge model for anyone planning to build in the City. He will also revive the Development Advisory Forum (DAF), a partnering tool that enables a wide variety of community stakeholders to provide input on virtually every process related to the built environment within the City.

“Orion has been instrumental in improving the way we serve our community and businesses for many years,” Mayor Mendenhall said. “His experience and knowledge are invaluable when it comes to achieving our innovation goals of making our City government more nimble, efficient, and cohesive for our residents and development partners.”

Goff previously served as the Building Official in the City’s Building Services Division. He established the City’s One-Stop-Shop for the development community and business owners, streamlining the process for plan reviews and permits. This also included a shared database of land use information accessible to the multiple City divisions and departments involved in the project reviewing process. His initiatives significantly reduced the waiting time for applicants’ permit reviews and approvals. Goff also convened the City’s first DAF.

“He is a creative and talented doer, who will take on any challenge and figure out how to get it done without sacrificing the life safety standards required by our codes and ordinances,” said Blake Thomas, Director of the Department of Community and Neighborhoods.

In his new role, Goff will relaunch the DAF with representatives from as many as 10 City departments and divisions. The Forum invites the community to share their experiences with the City’s development process. City staff participate in the Forum to gather feedback and provide relevant information. Most importantly, it enables accountability for services rendered and a healthy exchange of ideas between the City and the community.

“As a longtime employee of the City, it is very exciting to be taking on a new role with a relatively new Department Head, Blake Thomas,” Goff said. “We will support the Mayor’s initiatives on all fronts. I am specifically stoked by Blake’s desire to provide an enhanced partnership with constituents and increased outreach to our residents who historically have not been treated equitably across all locations in the City.”

Additionally, the Development Services team will be joined by Mayara Lima as the new Building Services and Economic Development Liaison.

Lima, a former Principal Planner in the City Planning Division, replaced longtime – and now retired – City employee, George Ott. She will be concentrating on “shepherding” small businesses through the construction and development processes.

“My goal is to use my personal and professional experience to assist small business owners in navigating City processes: translating regulations, creating bridges, and showing the path for them to achieve their visions,” Lima said. “I want to show small businesses that they are important members of our City and that we value them.”


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