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Salt Lake City Mayor Erin Mendenhall speaks from a podium on Main Street to press about Open Streets, which will close Main Street from 400 South to South Temple to vehicles on Friday and Saturday evenings beginning this week through October. Council Members Dan Dugan, Alejandro Puy and Ana Valdemoros stand behind her as well as Dee Brewer, executive director of the Downtown Alliance, and Britney Helmers, The Blocks program director.




APRIL 25, 2024Mayor Mendenhall Newsletter

In this month’s newsletter Mayor Erin Mendenhall highlights the city’s ambitious vision for sports, culture, and entertainment in downtown. The announcement of an NHL team coming to Salt Lake City this season and the exploration by the International Olympic Committee for the 2034 Olympic and Paralympic Games mark significant milestones. The mayor also discusses upcoming Arts Culture Events around Salt Lake City, the city’s budget, and the importance of water conservation.

MARCH 27, 2024Mayor Mendenhall Newsletter

This newsletter emphasizes the importance of water conservation and quality, highlighting efforts from the White House to replace lead service lines and monitor water supply. It also discusses updates on snowpack, reservoir levels, and potential future drought conditions. Additionally, it mentions ongoing construction projects and initiatives such as the landscaping equipment exchange to reduce air pollution in Salt Lake City.

FEBRUARY 28, 2024Mayor Mendenhall Newsletter

In her latest newsletter, Salt Lake City Mayor reflects on the city’s accomplishments in 2023, while outlining new priorities for 2024 focused on improving residents’ quality of life. Additionally, the city celebrates a significant decrease in crime, introduces Love Your Block grants for community-driven projects, announces the start of 2100 South reconstruction, and emphasizes its commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion through engagement with Black Diaspora and African American community members during Black History Month.

JANUARY 30, 2024Mayor Mendenhall Newsletter

In her State of the City address the mayor reflected optimism for Salt Lake City’s future, with a focus on downtown development. Plans include a Main Street pedestrian promenade, the transformative Green Loop project, and progress on Glendale Park. The mayor emphasizes creating inclusive spaces for all generations, envisioning a thriving city with opportunities for residents in the coming years.

DECEMBER 27, 2023Mayor Mendenhall Newsletter

Utah’s first microshelter, operated by Switchpoint, began supporting 50 individuals experiencing homelessness, with 24-7 support provided through April 30, 2024. Over 400 additional shelter beds have been opened since October 2023, including a new winter shelter and the Medically Vulnerable People Transitional Housing Program. Salt Lake City has adopted Affordable Housing Incentives to create more affordable housing opportunities. This month a panel discussion explored the future of Downtown, and the SLC Airport was named 2023 Utahn of the Year by the Salt Lake Tribune.

NOVEMBER 30, 2023Mayor Mendenhall Newsletter

Salt Lake City has been announced as the preferred host for the 2034 Winter Olympic and Paralympic Games. Additionally, updates include the completion of a Temporary Shelter Community, the opening of affordable housing, a $2.2 million grant for Great Salt Lake preservation, progress on the Green Loop project, and the confirmation that Salt Lake City will host the third U.S. Presidential debate in October 2024, at the University of Utah.
Salt Lake City Mayor Erin Mendenhall answers questions at a microphone in front of the Olympic flag in the atrium of City Hall. Behind her stand Utah Senate President Stuart Adams, left, and Utah Governor Spencer Cox, right.

OCTOBER 31, 2023Mayor Mendenhall Newsletter

The emphasis on water conservation continues even as the summer irrigation season ends, showcasing a commitment to preserving the Great Salt Lake and decreasing water usage despite population growth. Infrastructure improvements are a priority for Salt Lake City, with plans to replace the Water Reclamation Facility and City Creek Water Treatment Plant, ensuring high water quality and service for future generations. Salt Lake City has won a $1 million Bloomberg Public Art Challenge Grant to raise awareness about the declining Great Salt Lake through public art. The city is soliciting public input for the transformation of Main Street into a pedestrian promenade to foster community and economic health in the downtown area. Updates on the winter homelessness response plan, preparations for potential Olympic Games, and ongoing construction projects across the city are also provided.
people standing on a street for open streets

SEPTEMBER 27, 2023Mayor Mendenhall Newsletter

Salt Lake City announced the opening of a new Temporary Shelter Community in Downtown, set to launch in November and serve 50 individuals for six months. This initiative is part of a collaborative Winter Response Plan involving the State, Salt Lake County, and neighboring cities, and will provide a safe space for unsheltered residents. Open Streets is back on Main Street on Fridays and Saturdays through the end of October. The Hoberman Arch was unveiled at the Salt Lake City International Airport this month, symbolizing the city’s Olympic legacy and future potential.

SEPTEMBER 1, 2023Mayor Mendenhall Newsletter

Salt Lake City is expanding the capacity of its two homeless resource centers and overflow beds will be available in neighboring cities. Additionally, the Capital Improvement Program has approved funding for 33 projects, Lastly, the Safe Passage initiative is back to ensure the safety of students during the school year.

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