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Salt Lake City launches new web presence with

Posted on:June 20th, 2018
As part of a multi-year project to improve the service experience for Salt Lake City residents and businesses, Salt Lake City formally launched a new and improved city website today. The new replaces the City’s old website previously found at The new site was soft launched three weeks ago. The City’s website is […]

Mayor Jackie Biskupski’s statement on the Supreme Court’s ruling in the Masterpiece Cakeshop case

Posted on:June 4th, 2018
“I am disappointed and surprised by the Supreme Court’s ruling today. The Court had the opportunity to reaffirm the long-standing principle in this country that businesses should be open to all people. With that said, I am also relieved that the Court was extremely narrow in their decision focusing on particular actions in the Colorado […]

Salt Lake City cuts the time to get permits by nearly a half

Posted on:June 4th, 2018
David Heiblim launched several Este Pizzerias and recently opened The Dispensary at 54 West 1700 South. The Dispensary is a unique restaurant that relies on locally produced ingredients and treats food as medicine. But getting a permit can be tricky for a homeowner or even a veteran business owner.   Heiblim faced some setbacks getting some […]

More Salt Lake City residents and visitors are taking care of parking tickets online

Posted on:May 29th, 2018
More than 7,500 people have taken care of parking tickets and other civil citations online since Salt Lake City began offering hearings on the internet a year ago. The Parking and Civil Citation hearing portal was launched on May 8, 2017. Sixty percent of all hearings are now being done online instead of having the […]

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