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All dogs go to City Hall (cats and rabbits too)

Posted on:October 15th, 2018
Tomorrow, Mayor Jackie Biskupski will welcome to City Hall several rescue animals from the Humane Society of Utah to promote a proposed ordinance which would prohibit pet stores from selling dogs, cats, and rabbits unless the animals were obtained from an animal shelter, control agency, humane society, or non-profit rescue organization. The Administration submitted the […]

Mayor Biskupski encourages SLC students to register to vote

Posted on:September 21st, 2018
This Tuesday, September 25th, the Salt Lake City Mayor’s Office will be hosting lunch-time voter registration drives at East, West, and Highland High Schools. September 25this National Voter Registration Day, which was created in 2012 to create broad awareness of voter registration opportunities. In 2016, 750,000 individuals nationwide used National Voter Registration Day to register […]

Mayor and Senate President represent SLC at Olympic Gathering

Posted on:September 20th, 2018
Today, Mayor Jackie Biskupski, Senate President Wayne Niederhauser, and other members of the Salt Lake Olympic Exploratory Committee will travel to Colorado Springs to attend the U.S. Olympic and Paralympic Assembly (USOC). The annual meeting was established in 2005 to give voice to various member organizations of the USOC, to keep dialogue open between members, […]

Seeking Applications: Mayor’s Commission Against Gun Violence

Posted on:September 19th, 2018
Mayor Jackie Biskupski has announced the formation of a Commission Against Gun Violence, tasked with exploring policy questions regarding gun violence in Utah, and to make funding recommendations to be shared with City, County, and State elected officials, as well as the Salt Lake City School District. The Mayor’s Commission stems from an exchange with […]

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