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Community Outreach

The Mayor’s Office Community Outreach team actively seeks to engage and collaborate with community members, community groups, and officially recognized organizations (Community Councils) within the City. Through equitable relationship building and community presence, the team will gain valuable insight into diverse community needs and carry community feedback to the Mayor and the City. This engagement also includes sharing with community groups the Mayor’s goals and vision as well as helping neighborhoods understand city processes and policies. The team fully utilizes City resources to proactively address community needs through collaborative work, creative problem-solving, and resource prioritizing to help bring positive outcomes to neighborhoods. Our team of community liaisons are organized geographically and you can find contact information below.

We look forward to working with you. For more details about Community Councils please click here.

Each Community Council has an assigned Community Liaison Officer for police needs. That information can be found here.

Come talk to one of Mayor Mendenhall’s Liaison team out in the community! Drop-ins welcome!

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Good Neighbor Guide
This is a trifold document put together by our team addressing some of the most commonly asked questions we hear. Print and post on your fridge!
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Locate your District, Community Council, and City Council Member using the interactive map below.