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Applications are now closed for the 2024 ACE Fund. Applicants will be notified of award decisions in mid-February 2024.

Applications for 2025 events will open in Fall of 2024.

Since 2012, the Office of the Mayor has provided ACE funding to support and grow neighborhood and community events in Salt Lake City. ACE sponsored events contribute to Salt Lake City’s unique and vibrant culture and bring communities together to celebrate and learn. Both large and small events are encouraged to apply!

To be eligible for ACE Funds, events must take place in Salt Lake City and should support the City’s overall vision and goals, including those that:

  • Support city-wide economic development,
  • Bring arts, education, and technology opportunities to all communities,
  • Promote diversity, inclusion, and cultural identity,
  • Protect the local environment and build a sustainable city,
  • Create neighborhood and community unity,
  • Support the health and wellness of city residents

Each year $200,000 is awarded to over 100 organizations. ACE Funding is intended to be supplemental funding for events, rather than the main sponsor. While we can award up to $10,000 to one event, grants typically range between $1,000 – $5,000, as we try to spread the money out to as many organizations as possible with the pool of funds available. $500 is the minimum amount we will award.

View the list of the 2023 ACE Fund recipients here!


Applications are now closed for the 2024 ACE Fund. Applicants will be notified of award decisions in mid-February 2024.

ACE funds are limited therefore this is a competitive application process. Applications that were awarded funding in the past are not guaranteed funding each year.

Please note, all application entries must be submitted online. Applications are available in English and in Spanish. If an applicant is unable to make an online submission, needs an accommodation, or would like to apply in another language (other than English or Spanish), please call 385-443-0330 or email We can assist you in applying via a video or transcribed application.

Step 1 – Review the ACE Fund Guidelines to ensure eligibility

Step 2 – Review the 2024 ACE Fund Application Questions

Step 3 – Begin the application via the Smartsheets portal.

Step 4 – Submit your application – once the application has been submitted, please ensure you have received a confirmation email.



Map of Salt Lake City boundary

Salt Lake City Event Permitting

Accessible Events Tips 

Special Events Waste Management Info

Salt Lake Community College, Community Writing Center


What are the basic eligibility requirements?

ACE funds are intended to support the cost of hosting an event in Salt Lake City and are not intended to support operating costs. Eligibility requirements must meet the following:

  • Event is held within Salt Lake City limits (Not to be confused with Salt Lake County).
  • Open to the public and not a private event (events may charge admission)
  • Organizer/event/applicant is in good financial standing with Salt Lake City Corporation and past vendors
  • Organizer/event/applicant is in good community standing (no history of complaints, etc.)
  • Event is primarily focused on programming which supports the city’s goals and vision
  • Current grantees must be current on any reporting obligations for past ACE funding cycles
  • What types of events that are not eligible for ACE Funding?

  • Private events not open to the public. Events that collect donations qualify for funding if the event has a significant programming (arts, culture, neighborhood awareness, etc.) element.
  • Events held outside of Salt Lake City limits.
  • Events that receive funding from the City’s General Fund budgeting process or a non-competitive process.
  • Events, organizations and event applicants that have a history of sustained complaints from previous years from residents, event vendors and City staff.
  • An event or organizer who has not met the City’s Special Event Permit deadlines from previous years.
  • An event or organizer whose past event debts have not been reconciled with the City and/or event vendors.
  • An event with a primary focus on fundraising. (While ACE funding is available to organizations/groups hosting events that charge admission, funding is not available to support events with a primary focus on fundraising. Events receiving ACE Funding must have a significant programming (arts, culture, neighborhood awareness, etc.) element
  • In addition, repeated violations of City Special Event and Salt Lake County Health Department requirements will negate an event organizer’s eligibility to receive ACE funding.
  • Our event received $2,000 last year. Are we guaranteed the same amount this year?

    No. Each ACE Fund application is carefully considered each year, and prior recipients are not given preferences in the evaluation process. 

    Are there costs to holding my event on City or public property?

    There may be. Applicants are encouraged to complete a City Special Event Permit application form (Event Permits). This will help determine any costs for City services. Applicants who apply each year for the same event with the same scope can include fee information from the previous year. If you have questions about City services or about applying for a City Special Event Permit, please email

    Applicants hosting an event on public property for over 50 people are required to submit a City Special Event Permit application at least 30 days before the event. The City encourages applying for a Special Event Permit as early as possible. To learn more or to apply for a City Special Event Permit, visit Event Permits.  Please note, the City’s Special Event Permit Office will need time to review and approve Special Event Permits. 

    Our organization is hosting multiple events this year. Do we need to complete an application for each event?

    If the event is considered a series of events, for instance a concert, poetry or film series or multiple gallery openings, you can submit one application for the series. If the events are unique and have different activities, you must submit an application for each individual event.

    I'm not sure yet when our event is going to take place. Can we apply now?

    Yes, but all applicants should have an anticipated date, time, and location. We realize event date(s) may depend on availability of location.

    What happens if we cancel our event after we receive ACE funding?

    In the event a recipient chooses to decline ACE Funds that have already been allocated or decides to cancel the funded event, all funds must be returned immediately. The funds will be redistributed at the discretion of the ACE Fund Committee.


    For questions or more information, please contact: or call 385-443-0330