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The 2021 ACE fund application is now closed.

If you received funding from the Arts, Culture, and Events Fund in 2021, please complete the post event evaluation within 60 days after your event.  

The Arts, Culture, and Events Fund (previously Signature Events Fund) is a funding opportunity administered by the Mayor’s Office to promote and support neighborhood and community events in Salt Lake City. Since its inception in 2012, approximately $170,000 per year, increased to $200,000 annually in 2018, has been awarded to help establish and grow unique events in the city.

Events supported by ACE help support the city’s goals and vision, including:

  • Supporting city-wide economic development,
  • Bringing arts, education, and technology opportunities to all communities,
  • Promoting diversity, inclusion, and cultural identity,
  • Protecting the local environment and building a sustainable city,
  • Creating neighborhood and community unity,
  • Supporting the health and wellness of city residents

With awards ranging from $100 to $10,000, both large and small events are encouraged to apply!

The purpose of the ACE Fund is not to fund the entirety of an event but to provide funding support for qualified events and to assist with fees associated for City services accrued throughout the duration of the event. Because ACE funds are limited, applicants may wish to seek additional sources of support including public and private contributions. ACE funds are not intended to fund more than 50% of any event.


$100 – $2,000

$2,000.01 – $5,000

$5,000.01 – $10,000

How do I know which TIER to apply to?

TIER 3: Small community based events that are seeking financial assistance to help defray the cost of basic operation, including permitting and other city fees. First time events. (Note: First time events are only eligible for Tier 3 funding)

TIER 2: Events with an established presence in the community. Tier 2 events should have a sustainable funding model including multiple sources or revenue/sponsorship.

TIER 1: Large scale events with a significant footprint in the city, including a tangible economic development impact. Tier 1 events should have multiple sources of revenue, including multiple sponsors, and a manageable budget. Tier 1 events will be asked to submit a thorough application, as well as participate in an interview process.


In an effort to improve our tracking of ACE Fund applications – the application process is moving online! Before you begin the application, please review and follow the below instructions to submit your ACE Fund application.

Step 1
Review the 2021 ACE Fund application questions HERE. Once you begin the online application, you will not have an opportunity to save your work to return later, so please be prepared to fill out the application in its entirety once you have started the application process.

Step 2
Download, complete and save the sample budget spreadsheet located HERE. You will be provided an opportunity to upload this sample budget at the end of the application process.


Step 3
Once you have reviewed the 2021 application form and downloaded/completed the sample budget spreadsheet, you’re ready to complete the online application. 

Step 4
After you’ve completed the online application you will have an opportunity to upload the sample budget spreadsheet you download/completed in Step 2.

Applicants are STRONGLY encouraged to read the ACE Fund Guidelines and determine eligibility prior to beginning application.

Click here to download ACE Fund Guidelines (PDF)
Click here to download a sample budget template (XLSX)
Click here to download a sample invoice template (XLSX)

Click here to download ACE Application Questions (PDF)

Attention: Due to the COVID-19 global pandemic the Utah Governor’s Office has issued a mandate related to special events to be in effect as long as necessary. All event organizers are responsible for, but not limited to, the following:

  1. A) Requiring all participants and staff to wear a protective face mask at all times.  
  2. B) Require at least six feet of physical distance between individuals from separate households.
  3. C) Post the following conspicuous signage: 1) lists COVID-19 symptoms 2) asks individuals experiencing COVID-19 symptoms to stay home 3) provides notice of face mask and physical distancing requirements.
  4. D) Complete and implement the Event Management Template provided by the state as well as submitting it to the Salt Lake County Health Department. Template can be found at:

Failure to adhere to these requirements may cause the event to be shut down, the event organizer to be cited, and a permit record affecting future permit requests.


  • Beginning of application period                December 8, 2020
  • Applications due                                           January 8, 2021 by 5 p.m.
  • Announcement of fund recipients            February 2021
  • Evaluation forms are due within 60 days after each ACE Fund-sponsored event

Please note all application entries must be submitted online. If an applicant is unable to make an online submission, please call 801-535-6244.

Apply for ACE Funding HERE


What are the basic eligibility requirements?

  • Event is held within Salt Lake City limits
  • Open to the public (events may charge admission)
  • Organizer/event/applicants in good financial standing with Salt Lake City Corporation and past vendors
  • Organizer/event/applicants in good community standing (no history of complaints, etc.)
  • Event is primarily focused on programming which supports the city’s goals and vision (see above); fundraising events not eligible

Who is not eligible for ACE funding?

  • Private events not open to the public.
  • Events held outside of Salt Lake City limits.
  • Events that receive funding from the City’s General Fund budgeting process or a non-competitive process.
  • Events, organizations and event applicants that have a history of sustained complaints from previous years from residents, event vendors and City staff.
  • An event or organizer who has not met the City’s Special Event Permit deadlines from previous years.
  • An event or organizer whose past event debts have not been reconciled with the City and/or event vendors.
  • An event with a primary focus on fundraising. (While ACE funding is available to organizations/groups hosting events that charge admission, funding is not available to support events with a primary focus on fundraising. Events receiving ACE Funding must have a significant programming (arts, culture, neighborhood awareness, etc.) element

In addition, repeated violations of City Special Event and Salt Lake County Health Department requirements will negate an event organizer’s eligibility to receive ACE funding.

Are there costs to holding my event on City or public property?

There may be. Applicants are encouraged to complete a City Special Event Permit application form (Event Permits). This will help determine any costs for City services. Applicants who apply each year for the same event with the same scope can include fee information from the previous year. If you have questions about City services or about applying for a City Special Event Permit, please email

Applicants hosting an event on public property for over 50 people are required to submit a City Special Event Permit application at least 30 days before the event. The City encourages applying for a Special Event Permit as early as possible. To learn more or to apply for a City Special Event Permit, visit Event Permits.  Please note, the City’s Special Event Permit Office will need time to review and approve Special Event Permits. 

What happens if we cancel our event after we receive ACE funding?

In the event a recipient chooses to decline ACE Funds that have already been allocated or decides to cancel the funded event, all funds must be returned immediately. The funds will be redistributed at the discretion of the ACE Fund Committee.

Our organization is hosting three events this year. Do we need to complete an application for each event?

Yes. Organizations hosting multiple events must apply for each individual event.

I'm not sure yet when our event is going to take place. Can we apply now?

No. Funds will only be granted to events that are already scheduled. All applicants should have a set date, time and location for their event.

Our event received $5,000 last year. Are we guaranteed the same amount this year?

No. Each ACE Fund application is carefully considered each year, and prior recipients are not given preferences in the evaluation process. 

This is the first year for my event. May I apply for Tier 1 funds?

No. First-year events will only be considered for Tier 3 ACE funding.


For questions or more information, please contact:

Hailey Leek
ACE Coordinator