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2100 S

2100 South Project

Upcoming Work

Phase 2 – 1300 East – 2100 East: 

  • Through the end of March – Pipe bursting activities between 1700 East and 1900 East.
  • March through July – Pipe bursting and open trench between 1300 East and 1900 East.

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During construction, one lane of travel will be maintained in each direction on 2100 South.  Motorists should be prepared for congestion and delays along with limited left turns into/out of residential neighborhoods.

Current Activities

Crews are currently working in the section between Hannibal Street (1740 East) and Preston Street (1935 East) lasting through the end of March. Work includes digging pits for the pipe bursting and where service connections are located. Residents in this area should follow the approved detour to access their property.

Phase 1 – 1100 East to 1300 East:

Crews have completed the sewer upgrade work along with the storm drainage system upgrades on Douglas Street. Thank you for your patience while crews upgraded these important pieces of infrastructure.

Other Potential Impacts

  • Side street closures at 2100 South
  • Removal of on-street parking on 2100 South and on side streets immediately adjacent to the work zone
  • Nightwork and overnight lane closures
  • Intermittent, short-term access interruptions for businesses and residences
  • Open trenching and metal plates in front of residential driveways and business accesses
  • Sidewalk closures and pedestrian detours
  • Noise, vibration, and dust
  • Short term odors related to sewer bypass pumping.

Project Benefits

The sewer line along 2100 South is nearing or over 100 years old, depending on the section and too small to serve the existing demand. This part of the Salt Lake City sewer system provides service to more than 4,000 properties. The project will improve sewer service in the area with a larger pipe made of new materials.

Stay Informed

This project has a dedicated public engagement team to assist with comments, questions, or concerns from design through construction. We will be sending regular email updates to keep area residents, businesses and motorists informed of construction impacts and progress. Subscribe by emailing us.