Salt Lake City

Public Lands Department

City Cemetery Fees

Service – Opening and Closing (Monday – Saturday)FY24 ResidentFY24 Non-Resident
Regular Adult$1,063$1,520
Double Deep$1,222$1,684
Saturday (Premium charge in addition to regular burial charges)$425$425
Overtime (After 4pm)$396$396
Sunday or Holiday$396$396
Winter Fee-Grave Opening$319$319
Winter Fee-Cremains$53$53
Price of Grave Plus Perpetual CareFY24 ResidentFY24 Non-Resident
DisintermentFY24 ResidentFY24 Non-Resident
Adult-Lower to double deep within Cemetery$4,600$4,600
Adult-Removal from Cemetery$3,500$3,500
Adult-Removal from Cemetery double deep$3,700$3,700
Cremation-Removal from Cemetery$1,500$1,500
Infant-Lower to double deep within Cemetery $1,900$1,900
Infant-Removal from Cemetery $2,600$2,600
Deed Transfer Fee$213$213
Price of Property TransferFY24 ResidentFY24 Non-Resident
Adult Continuing Care Property Transfer$659$1,169
Infant Continuing Care Property Transfer $330$585
Stone MonitoringFY24 Fee

Graves not needed for immediate use may be paid in full at time of purchase or can be placed on a contract.* Saturday premium charge of $425 above regular burial costs.

Minimum down payment is 25% of the total cost. After the down payment has been paid a 6% simple interest is then added. Payments are due on the first of every month for one year.

All credit card purchases will be assessed a 2.47% surcharge fee.