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Collaborate with Public Lands

By collaborating with Salt Lake City Public Lands, members in the community can play an active role in shaping, protecting, and activating our parks, trails, and open spaces.

Depending on the type of collaboration that is formed, Public Lands may be able to provide certain equipment (volunteer supplies, event equipment, etc.) or other resources (marketing and design services, networking opportunities, staffing, and subject matter experts) to support your efforts. 

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The goal of a collaboration with Public Lands is to support the community as they independently carry out their work.

Read the full policy for further information and details.

How to Participate

Volunteer & Stewardship

Public Lands may work with organizations that wish to act as stewards of our spaces, whether that be through volunteer activities or other relevant programming. This category may include “Friends of” groups that advocate or fundraise for specific Public Lands’ properties.

Community Events

Public Lands may work with external organizations that wish to host community events in Public Lands’ spaces by providing financial and logistical support to obtain event permits and on-site resources such as waste and recycling, restrooms, and security.

Park Ranger Programs

The Park Rangers may work with organizations to create deeper connections and enjoyment with our parks and open spaces, particularly around education, customer service, and public safety. 

Community Engagement

Public Lands may work with organizations that allow the department to gather public input on the department’s projects and initiatives. These collaborations may have a defined start and end point or be ongoing. 

Get Started!

Collaboration Process

Submission of Interest Form
This form collects important information for Public Lands staff to assess potential collaboration. Public Lands will provide a response to confirm we have received your request within ten business days of receiving this form.

Internal Review
Public Lands staff assesses the submission against pre-established criteria. Meetings are held as needed. Depending on the type of request, a more comprehensive questionnaire may be necessary.

Public Lands will inform the requestor of the Department’s decision to pursue or reject the collaboration proposal within 20 business days of completing all applicable documents.

Collaboration Formalization
The requestor will work with Public Lands staff to proceed with the collaborative effort. Some collaborative efforts may require formalized agreements.