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Community Members Featured in Glendale Gather Blocks

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Brief bios of the individuals who are featured in the artwork are included below: 

A1: Kim Khuu – works with Glendale Seniors at Sunday Anderson and at the Vietnamese Senior Association. 

A2: Gilberto “Coach Juan” Rejon Magana – works with youth at Hartland Community Center, coaches soccer, and is an activist through his music. 

A3: Roxanne Langi – was an incredibly involved parent through the school system and continues as a youth group leader through her church youth program. 

B1: “Tuna” Abdullah Mberwa – works with youth at the Glendale Public Library and at University Neighborhood Partners. 

B2: Charlotte Fife-Jepperson – founded Westview Newspaper, is a long-time and well-regarded community leader, and teaches youth swimming, piano. 

B3: Janet Ramirez – a young emerging leader who led a Latina activist group at East High, and is pursuing a future as a political activist. 

C1: Ifa Motoliki – started the Tongan Tennis Association at Glendale Park and is a name many many people in the area know. Also active local church leader. 

C2: Esperance Iradakunda – another young emerging leader, led the Black Student Union at East High, dancer with scholarships at the U. 

C3: Karen Sanchez – also a young emerging leader, honor student, is a Little Feathers Princess representing her tribe at the powwow competition. Very driven. 

D1: Elizabeth Montoya – works at the Community Learning Center, runs an ad-hoc COVID-spawned emergency relief pantry for neighbors. Very involved in schools. 

D2: Abdulkhaliq Barbaar – works at University Neighborhood Partners, does major outreach, is an educator, leader, activist and is involved in advocacy work. 

D3: ‘Inoke Hafoka – first Tongan student body president at East High, completed a PhD at USC and returned to work in Glendale, coaches youth football (Glendale Griffens). 

E1: Simon Larson – fabricator at SFK in Glendale, and dear friend of the artists. Was working on Gather Blocks when he passed unexpectedly on Christmas Eve, 2020. 

E2: Laurent Ntakarutimana – emerging leader with full-ride scholarship to the U. Serendipitously met him while buying paint for this project. Grew up right across the street. 

F1: Dane Hess – former Community Council president and Glendale Middle School teacher. Heavily involved in community and instrumental in this project’s success. 

F2: Ailine Lao – major community figure and leader. Founded and runs A Touch Of Polynesia (ATOP) for youth, promotes outreach, Polynesian advocacy. 

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