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Gateway Triangle Park

Gateway Triangle Park

Full Project Scope

The Gateway Triangle project was recently funded to plan and build a new park in the downtown community. The park will be centrally located in the downtown neighborhood and will be crucial for serving a diversity of communities including nearby Gateway residents, Frontrunner commuters, and recreators along the Folsom Trail. This space is also located near the Union Pacific mainline and the site of the former Grant Tower which served as a critical railroad control point. The Gateway Triangle Park will support the expansion of the existing community garden as well as the addition of other park amenities.

Project Timeline

Engagement Update – Winter 2023

What we have heard

From October 6th, 2022, to November 7th, 2022, Public Lands conducted community engagement by distributing an online survey that focused on developing a vision of the space. A total of 381 survey responses were recorded. Survey results revealed that respondents most value a beautiful, peaceful park space where they can connect with nature and gather with others. They would like to see a unique space that is comfortable and welcoming but is also an attractive destination with amenities they enjoy. Respondents were asked about what types of amenities they would like in the park that could address needs in the community. The chart below shows the results of the requested amenities for the space.

Respondents were also asked what might prevent them from visiting this space. The top responses were that the park is not maintained, or the space does not feel safe. These are related challenges that intersect with concerns over illegal activities in this space. An additional barrier is that the park does not have features they find enjoyable. This emphasizes the importance of community involvement as park design continues. 

Read the full report on our engagement efforts for Phase 1 here.

Next Steps

Feedback from this survey will inform the development of conceptual plans in early 2023. Once the conceptual designs for the park are developed, Public Lands will conduct another round of engagement to receive public input. In addition, Public Lands will work to integrate these engagement results with the visioning work currently taking place for the City Creek Daylighting project along the Folsom Trail.

Updated on 1/17/2023 

Project Location

45 South 500 West Salt Lake City, UT 84101


Evaluate Feedback and develop concept design


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