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I-Street Bike Park Status Update

The I-Street Bike Park (Park) needs help to preserve its future. Passionate riders started building and jumping at this location owned by the Salt Lake City (SLC) Public Utilities Department in the late 1990s. Through dedicated care and hard work, the foundation of a volunteer-led, bike-community asset has evolved over the last two decades. For the last ten years, the SLC Public Lands Department has partnered with Public Utilities to oversee the management of the Park. Through agreements with local bike advocate organizations, the Park has been reasonably maintained by a community of builders and riders who understood the expectations to keep the Park running well. 

More recently, these organizations have faded away and building in the Park has skyrocketed without any agreed-upon guidelines. This has led to concerns about user safety, weakened community relationships, and the conservation of our natural environment.  Additionally, the Public Utilities Department has significant urban water system infrastructure around and under the Park, which needs to be protected. 

Now, the City needs the Park’s riders to organize and partner with the City so that the Park can successfully coexist with the Upper Avenues neighborhood and the explosive growth of Park users. The City, as the property owner and land manager, desires to keep the Park open as a community asset and create a model for public spaces that are designed and maintained by its volunteer users and stewards. This will require riders to organize to work with the City on a stewardship and maintenance plan for the Park. 

The City hopes to work with local Park users, the Upper Avenues neighborhood, and the Public Lands and Public Utilities Advisory Boards to create a stewardship and maintenance agreement for the I-Street Bike Park. This agreement will outline guidelines for maintaining the Park, as well as restrictions and/or limitations to ensure the Park’s risks are minimized. Furthermore, the City will contribute financial support for the Park’s management.  The ultimate goal is to respect the neighborhood and community, keep riders and builders safe and having fun, and keep the Park open for future generations. Please send an email to to get involved or subscribe to our updates.

I Street Park Guidelines

Until a new stewardship and maintenance partner is identified (hopefully this spring/summer), we ask the Park’s users to follow these reasonable guidelines:

  • Existing features may be maintained using hand tools and natural local soil.
    • Do not import any natural materials from elsewhere or manufactured materials (no sandbags, metal, wood, etc.).
  • No building of any new jumps or features until a stewardship and maintenance agreement is in place.
  • Respect the residential neighborhood:
    • Park closes at sunset. No loitering after dark.
    • Slow down to the 25 mph speed limit if driving to the Park.
  • There is NO trash service at the Park. Please pack it in, pack it out.
  • Alcohol is NOT permitted!

To get involved or subscribe to our updates, please send an email with “I Street Bike Park” in the header to

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