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Miller Bird Refuge and Nature Park Capital Improvement Program Project

Miller Park Bird Refuge Trail Access Improvements & Historic Structures Preservation


In 2017, a constituent submitted an application for funding that addressed the following goals at Miller Park:

  1. Preserve historic structures, such as the WPA (Works Progress Administration) masonry walls, foot bridge, and stairways constructed during the Great Depression
  2. Improve accessibility of the trail system that navigates the park.

To achieve these goals, the constituent originally proposed the following three projects:

  • Restore a trail alignment that was re-routed in 2014
  • Install a walking bridge over Red Butte Creek
  • WPA Wall stabilization

Upon the hiring of a consultant, the City obtained geotechnical and structural engineering reports that recommended projects to fulfill the stated goals (Preserve historic structures and Improve accessibility). With the new information gathered, Public Lands is proposing 12 new projects that will fulfill the original goals to a greater extent. These projects include improvements in the following areas:

  • Trail Slope Improvement Projects: Projects add access amenities like handrails and stairs. These projects also aim to level out trail slope and protect the wall foundation.
  • Accessibility Improvement Projects: Adds access amenities like handrails and ramps to entrances and stairways along the trail.
  • Wall Foundation Protection Projects: Projects to preserve historic walls by covering exposed foundations and adding stabilization.
  • Manage Structural Loads on Historic Walls: Projects will remove weight being placed on walls to extend their lifespan and remove stress.
  • Trail Protection: Projects will improve infrastructure of the trails address erosion and access issues, including retaining wall repairs

The 12 specific projects to address these improvements can be found by clicking the button below.

Project Location: 900 South and Diestel Road/1735 East

Project Manager: Kat Maus


Phone: (801) 657-2223

Engagement Opportunities

We want to hear from you!

From the 12 proposed projects listed above, which would you like Public Lands to prioritize? Complete the survey to inform us by clicking the link here or scanning the QR Code.

Come chat with us about the project!

If you have any questions or want to speak with us, we will be doing in person engagement at the Anderson-Foothill Library. The list will be updated as we confirm other locations that we will attend.

Anderson-Foothill Library;  1135 S 2100 E, Salt Lake City, UT 841081:45-3:45pm2/15/23
Anderson-Foothill Library;  1135 S 2100 E, Salt Lake City, UT 841081:30-3:30pm2/21/23

View Original CIP and Consultant Proposal

The images below compare the projects between the original CIP proposal in 2017 and the new project proposal from the consultant. To view a larger image of the documents below, click here.

Previous Engagement Efforts

The following images are the comments and suggestions Salt Lake City received during a period of public engagement for Miller Park in early 2021. The community comments and suggestions, along with the engineering reports analyzing the property led to potential projects outlined in the 2018 CIP application that would fulfill the goals of the original CIP proposal from 2017.

Click on the images below to read the results of the first engagement.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much of the originally funded $425,000 been spent?

Since being funded in 2018, the City has spent funding on hiring a consultant and structural/geotechnical engineers, public engagement and visual representation graphics boards included on this project page, as well as engineering fees required for all project implementation in the City. With the work completed so far, there is a balance of about $367,000 remaining for this project.

What did the period of public engagement entail?

The consultant hired assisted the City in conducting a period of public engagement during the Spring of 2021. 124 community members participated in an online survey that collected demographic information and lead to the comments/suggestions shown in the above graphics. The community comments and suggestions, along with the engineering reports analyzing the property led to potential projects in the park that would fulfill the goals of the original CIP proposal.

What are the next steps for the CIP project?

Public Lands will present at the Yalecrest Neighborhood Council meeting in January 2023 to outline the differences between the two scopes and address community questions and solicit feedback. Public Lands will then present to the PNUT advisory board and request recommendations. Public Lands will ultimately present the scope change to City Council through the budget amendment process which will make the determination of how to proceed. Once a final scope is decided, the consultant will move forward with the technical design of the selected projects.

For more information on Miller Bird Refuge, click HERE.