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New Westside Trail Connections & Amenities

New Westside Trail Connections & Amenities

This project will add new trail connections from Jordan Park to other surrounding open spaces and public lands. It will also improve the event area and add walking paths within Jordan Park. 



Full Project Scope

This project is a combination of multiple funded projects for SLC:

1. Westside Trail Connections and Amenities: SLC Parks and Public Lands will work with the Glendale and Poplar Grove Community Councils to implement trail improvements that will establish new connections between public parks and open spaces along the Jordan River between 1300 South and 800 South. The Public Lands program currently manages seven separate parks and two separate trail corridors in the project area. The proposed improvements include the construction of new trail that navigates through existing park and open space areas and provides users a new recreational amenity along the Jordan River Parkway corridor; removal of physical barriers including dated and unnecessary fencing that provides both a physical and visual barrier between Jordan Park and the International Peace Gardens; and wayfinding and signage to improve park cohesion and user experience. The project area includes each of the following Parks, Open Spaces and Trail; Jordan Park, 900 South River Park, International Peace Gardens, the Fred and Ila Fife Wetland Preserve, Three Creeks Confluence Park, Modesto Park, Bend-in-the-River Park, Jordan River Parkway Trail and the 9Line Trail.

2. Jordan Park Pedestrian Pathways: Design and construction of over 3,000 linear feet of new looped pathways in Jordan Park. New trail segments will connect to existing sidewalks to create new desired pedestrian connections and a looped trail network around the multi-use fields. This project builds on a previous request for new trails in Jordan Park. This project includes construction of pathways, site furnishings, and signage.

3. Jordan Park Event Grounds: New electric service with power pedestals for event area. Event area pathways to allow access and circulation. Enhanced river access to Jordan River’s edge. Currently Salt Lake City is unable to host the number of special event requests at its parks and natural lands. The implementation of this project will create another large self-contained event site on the West Side, providing more opportunities for events and their organizers.

4. Youth soccer field at 900 S. River Park: New soccer field and associated amenities for youth play at 900 S. River park.

What’s New

What suggestions do you have for improving access and circulation in the park? We want to hear your thoughts!

Please review the document linked here and pictured below and send your input to

Project Location

1060 South 900 West


Kat Maus
Project Planner

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